Got something to say? We want to hear it.

Let’s give your body a voice so you can stir the pot, break the mold, and pump up the jam.

You’re a bad*ss and you know it

(The kind that’s sweet as sugar and spice…)

Trying hard to sound smart, be ‘nice’, and do it ‘right’ by following all the rules?

That will burn you out. And yes, it might freak you out to think about actually saying ‘the thing’ or doing it your way…

Which is why getting on board with your body is key to turning up the volume without stressing out and shutting down.

How can I help?

I write, DJ, coach, guide and mentor so you never have to hide under the blankets with a pint of ice cream again as you turn up the volume of your voice.

Move your Body

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Somatic Coaching

Feel confident from the inside out as you raise the volume of your voice. Single or bundled sessions from £175 per session.

Pause Retreats

Rest and digest before trailblazing the road ahead. Personalized retreats starting at £1500.

Hi, I’m Kendra

I’m a rule-breaker at heart.

At 8, I led my family through ‘church at home’ services. The pastors were not impressed.

At 9, I took my time getting up for the school fire drill, and ended up on the wrong class line. The principal was not impressed.

At 14, I carried a one-way sign back to our track locker room. The police were not impressed.

At 16, I was climbing through windows at night to shoot our own ‘Blairwitch’ in the local haunted house. The parents were not impressed.

I’m a rule-breaker with a zest for life that knows no bounds, who learned that playing out of bounds is not OK. And so by 19 I was struggling to keep up the straight-A student, Division-1 athlete, and good Christian vibe.

The struggle was real and turned into a fight with my body.

I tried to numb the sensations that kept me from being ‘obedient’.

I learned to push down the emotions that might get me in trouble.

And I tried to perfect how I looked on the outside to make up for how I felt on the inside.

As you might know, this tactic has a shelf-life.

Eventually, my body had a say.

This is why I do what I do. Because the thing you’ve tried to fix, suppress, run away from, and numb from… the surge of sensations, the range of emotions, the thing inside that feels wild and uncontrollable…

This is your power. This is your voice. And it’s time to set it free.

What’s possible

With Kendra’s support, I’ve gotten more in touch with my anger and my growl and it has been sooo transformative. One session. One simple session changed my life.

Magnolia Barrett; www.magnoliabarrett.com

“Kendra’s warm and grounded presence created such a safe space for me to express and attune to my body.  Her creative instincts and ability to dig into the sensual delights of Life feels like magic, and I’m so grateful for the support and inspiration she has provided me in our work together. “

Karen Diane; @graceful_alignment

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“I felt so much power and knowing coursing through me. I discovered the part of me I can “lean on” and that has my back… it’s my breath, my sensuality and my inner knowing. Even when I “don’t know,” there’s a part of me that does know, and I feel like I got to feel her today. I felt seductive and like, “okay, the world is over there telling me to hurry up… I’m just gonna be over here, moving slow, feeling and enjoying myself.” I felt myself opening up the pathway forward energetically and seducing my future clients into my world. ”

– Alia aka @thepleasurepollinator

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