Trauma-informed Embodiment Coaching

I believe you are a creative soulful genius,

that your greatest set-backs transform into your greatest strengths,

that when you align with your truest self there is hope for our world,

and your body will guide you home.

Here’s how I can help

Slow down, listen to your inner guidance, align with who you are.


You’ve been through the fire with your body and with food, and are ready to follow your heart’s calling. You know there’s a risk of repeating old patterns as you transition into a creative career. You want to…

  • heal your personal trauma
  • create a trauma-informed foundation for your business and life
  • be a beacon of light in your community, modelling compassion, cooperation, and care.

You’ve achieved success in your career, and it’s left you burned out. You know you were made for more. If something doesn’t give, your life may never be what it could be, and so you want to…

  • get off the hamster wheel for good
  • wake up anxiety-free, and comfortable with letting go of control
  • feel confident in your body and who you truly are, so you can live out your purpose

You’re a visionary leader, want to model values for a sustainable future, and yet you and your business lack health. You know what you do to yourself, you do to the whole, and you’re ready to…

  • create a foundation for your life that allows for less stress and more flow
  • integrate a trauma-informed approach into your leadership
  • empower your team’s creativity, innovation, and leadership

Whatever your story, we co-create a bespoke coaching program that supports your goals. All programs result in a deepened connection with your body, and greater love and acceptance of yourself.

How this works

Complete an Application and schedule an Exploratory Call to discuss a coaching program customized to your wants, needs, and desires.

Options include personalized solo retreats, on-line sessions, movement/dance, somatic-based trauma resolution, and mentoring.

Coaching programs typically range from 2-6 months.


Hi, I’m Kendra. I pray for a world built on bridges of cooperation, compassion, and care; with our bodies, each other, the earth.

I facilitate trauma-informed coaching, conversations, and movement so we can be free from the fight, flight and freeze that keeps us separated from the bodies we live in, the people we live with, and the land we live on.

After a 10 yr HR career in NY and London, I ventured down an entrepreneurial path that has led me here. You can listen to my story below and read more here..

My mentors and teachers include Jacob Sokol, Tanya Syed, Nadia Munla, and Rachael Maddox.

I live in Wales and am writing my first book.

My Story

I gave this talk in 2017. Three years later this message and your story matters even more. The foundation for a sustainable future starts with making peace with your body.

What’s going on…