Well, hello there…

Yes you, with a beautiful vision, a great big heart, and a body wiser than you may know.

I’ve got something for you.

I believe you are a Creative Soulful Genius

Let’s get your creative project or soulful business off the ground without stressing out or burning out

(so your creative soulful genius can go do it’s thing)

Whether you are…

Just starting out on your creative or entrepreneurial career…

A seasoned leader of your business ready to lead with a little more soul…

Or more of a closet creative; a mover and shaker who hasn’t quite found your groove yet…

Wherever you’re at…

Your art and your heart matters.

(And your body will guide you home)

How Can I Help?

Let’s Spark your Creative Confidence,

Grow your Leadership Presence, and

Align your Business Strategy,

with Who you Are.

Hi, I’m Kendra

I’d love to help you bring your dream to life with your body as your compass. Whether you’ve been keeping it secret for awhile, or it’s a project you’ve been working towards for years…

If it comes from your heart, it’s your art.

And art, as you know can’t be rushed, forced, or cajoled. But it can be lovingly stirred into action once your body and your nervous system have what they need for you to feel confident being seen.

I’m here to help you stir that pot.

Let me tell you a story…

So, tell me your story…

What’s your dream? A book? A business? A night of serenading the crowd?

No dream is too little or too big. Since it’s yours, it’s just right.

Are you ready to share that dream? How does that feel? Like throwing the party of the year or sharing a dirty little secret?

Whether you whisper it or shout it out, you’re doing great.

And how’s your joy doing? Are you feeling stuck or enjoying your flow?

It’s all good. There’s no right or wrong here.

Fill me in. I’d love to know!

(When you do, I’ll reply back with an invite to a complimentary 20 min chat to get your creative juices flowing.)

Here’s my story…

Once upon a time, there was a girl who never knew what she loved.

Then one day, she realized that her body could bring her attention; a good enough substitute for doing what she loved.

And so, she spent years fighting with her body and resisting the longings of her heart.

Until one day, she couldn’t fight anymore. So she stopped, and her body finally tasted her joy.

Upcoming Events

Coming Soon The first Art Shed event is to get you moving in the direction of your creative and soulful goals. It includes movement to get your creative juices flowing, dedicated time to work on your art, and coaching to tend to any tenderness in your heart.

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