On Being Human and Social

It’s Day 2 of no social media. So far so good. It helps having the apps off of my phone. It also helps that I can’t remember my passwords for most of my accounts so if I try to log-on from a browser I’ll have to go through that whole rigmarole to log on. #grateful that I’m the type of person that usually can’t be bothered.

There’s a couple of dilemmas though. I’m feeling a sense of obligation to tell people I won’t be checking my accounts and so if they need to get in touch with me, email me. It’s mostly about Facebook. I don’t have enough action on Insta or Twitter to warrant a heads up.

Last week I thought I’d do a FB Live to let people know. I was mulling over what to say, and strategically planning when I would/wouldn’t wash my hair so that I’d look somewhat with it on camera. Then March 31st came and I just really couldn’t care less. I took care of some admin for an upcoming event, and as I logged off, I said a prayer of Trust that the right people would be at that event whether or not I logged on daily to see if anyone left any comments or questions on the event page.

Sometimes this letting go and Trust thing feels careless. I ask myself, if you really believe in what you’re doing and want people to benefit from it, wouldn’t you be banging on every door and shouting it from the rooftops? In facebook terms, wouldn’t you be posting about it on a constant basis? Share it in every relevant Group you’re part of? Maybe even make a few ads?

That is definitely the voice of reason. But it doesn’t feel like the voice of my Self.

The other dilemma I have is that on Saturday night I had a sneaky peak at my messages and I saw I had a couple new ones come in. I didn’t have time to read and respond, and then Sunday started my hiatus. Crap! Ignoring them and blaming my ban doesn’t feel right. Nor does logging on to write back. I think I’m going to email them to say, let’s talk over here, or even pick up the phone and catch up.

OK problem solved.

So this was pretty fun. Yesterday we collected some seaweed while the tide was out and started gathering rocks on the way back. We found these funky speckled rocks in blue and reds that kinda looked like painted Easter eggs. Pretty cool, considering it was Easter Sunday.

And that’s when I clocked what I actually like about social media: I can share that moment of divine joy with others so easily. Snap a pic, add a caption about our ‘Easter egg hunt’, and then move on.

I’ve been wondering, why is that so gratifying? Why not just enjoy the moment with my husband and let that be that? Or tell the story to my friends over dinner at some point in the future when it’s relevant to the conversation? What’s the actual point of sharing it on Instagram with people who I don’t even know what their real names are?

And I think it comes down to this: If it brings me joy, I want to share it with you. Even if I don’t know you.

So then I have to ask myself, if it brings me sadness, do I also want to share it with you? What about if it brings me anger? Or guilt? Or confusion?

I’m pretty sure the answer is yes. I mean, I don’t want my instagram page to be covered with sad or angry pictures… I still opt for beauty; but, yes, when I’m inclined to post it’s because I am feeling something, and I want to share it and perhaps connect with someone else who can relate.

I’m pretty sure that’s called being human.

PS These are the rocks. Pretty cool huh?


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