Reflections from a living room upgrade

My living room is a shared space that acts as an office, meeting room, man cave, dining room, lounge, TV room, cuddle corner, dance floor, and even showcased as a karaoke bar one night.

With all that going on, I often feel disconnected from the room. I use it when it serves the purpose I need it to, but it’s not ‘my space’. It hasn’t felt like home.

This weekend I had some time and space to make it more ‘me’. Starting with vacuuming up cobwebs in corners I didn’t even know cob webs could collect in.

I got rid of items that didn’t belong there anymore. Everything from leftover pipe work from the fish farm (that never did belong yet was hiding behind the couch for at least 3 years), to books I was hanging onto that I realized I no longer need them to be part of my future.

The declutter and deep clean created space. Which opened up some possibilities…

Move the couches around, and then the furniture.

After a few tries of finding new places for bookshelves, plants, side tables, it was clear what was going to stay and what was going to go.

And then, wait for it… that book case that kinda fits but didn’t feel quite right… paint job! I can keep it AND add some beauty and softness to the room by getting a little creative. Some tender care in the form of a spray tan.

The wheels started turning… The dining room chairs we were going to throw? Maybe all they need is a paint job too.

After placing the final knick-knack on the mantelpiece, I’ve spent more time in this room in the span of 24 hours than the past 7 days. I’ve been lingering in the space, choosing to just be in it, because now it feels like me.

It’s not perfect or finished. We’re saving for a warm cozy cuddle-friendly couch, and the chairs need finishing off.

It’s a work in progress AND it’s more me… both at the same time.

Why am I telling you all this?

One, because I’m really digging the new look.

Two, because you could re-read this and replace ‘my living room’ with ‘you and your life’, and the story would still make sense.

Instead of having a room that feels like home, you come home to you.

Whether ‘more you’ translates into an upgraded living room, relationship, state of mental health, or form of contribution in this world, is kinda irrelevant. They’re all equally important because they’re all a sign of you awakening to who you really are and what’s important to your soul.

The process of which is kinda like upgrading my living room.

It starts when you realize you’re playing the chameleon instead of having an identity of your own. That game sucks so much you never want to hang out there.

So finally you roll up your sleeves and do a deep clean, clearing out the junk you no longer want to carry around with you, putting the pieces of your self back into the place where they look and feels familiar and ‘just right’, at which point you can play, get creative, and actually enjoy the beauty that is your self and your life.

Sure it takes time, you get a little sweaty and dirty, and you might ruffle some feathers (especially if you move the remote!)

But when you finally feel comfortable with yourself, in your beautifully imperfect and unfinished state, to sink down with your bad self like you’re finally home, it’s worth it.

I’ve experienced this process a number of times in my life. Each time I swing through the stages of excitement for the possibilities, overwhelm of how much work there is to do, doubt if I have what it takes to complete, little sparks of joy when I notice my own growth, and peace and contentment when I find gratitude for the journey.

And that’s pretty much it guys. Make peace with the process. Let yourself and your life unfold, piece by piece as you continually clear it out and make room for more you.

Want some guidance through the process? Check out Your True You Journey. Groups starting September 2018.

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