The Path

All the things you didn’t see

All the things you wouldn’t hear

All the colors, sights, and smells

That aren’t on the path

You don’t know where you’re going

You don’t know when you’ll get there

All you know is, you have to go

You have to go the way you don’t know

At first it’s an adventure

Then getting lost gets old

Then just when you’re ready to turn around

You see a sight, you hear a sound, you find that you are found

You aren’t where you want to go

That doesn’t really matter though

The place of found’s not there nor here

It’s when you realize you can hear

Hear the whispers of the wind

The flutters of your beating heart

So still inside you start to know

There’s no other place you need to go

And this is when you really know

That following the ‘way to go’

Only keeps you round and round

In places where there’s too much sound

Too much sound to really see

That here’s not where you want to be

So take one step and you will find

That off the path lies peace of mind

Dedicated to Lee Michael Tanner

Photo by Gustav Gullstrand on Unsplash

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