Looking at embodiment through the sign of the cross

My heart wants to tell you about all the books I’ve been reading and podcasts I’ve been listening to lately that are bang on, affirming what feels like a wide open path to walk forward into. My head wants to analyze what they are saying; connect the dots for myself as a way to process what I read and heard.

It’s making for boring writing and reading. At least tonight.

Tell me how you feel, not what you think. That’s what turns me on.

I don’t want more information, I want transformation. I want the feeling that comes when a part of me is changing and growing.

I have been changing and growing a lot this year. Sometimes I think I have to be careful I don’t get addicted to growth. I want to make sure I can be content with where I am without feeling the sense of urgency to be somewhere ‘better’.

It’s a balancing act. Accepting what is and also seeking Excellence. It’s another crosshairs on a pendulum of opposites.

Nourish and Pleasure was the first cross hairs I came across.

Too much Nourish = Restriction.

Too much Pleasure = Indulgence.

But where Nourish + Pleasure meet = Sustainable Sweet Spot.

Too much Acceptance = Indifference. Too much Excellence = Perfection. The intersection of accepting what is and also allowing for things to evolve is a beautiful thing.

I try to avoid extremes in my life, yet get stuck there all the time. Even in writing this post, it’s clear I’m valuing heart over head, transformation over information. It’s easy to make one right and one wrong.

Thing is we need both. Transformation is hard to come by if you don’t have information challenging your current position.

Feelings are great, and you also need your brain to find a way to articulate them and communicate with others.

The challenge is in finding the crosshairs where seemingly opposites meet.

Nourish & Pleasure. Acceptance & Excellence. Humility & Confidence. Head and Heart. Knowledge and Intuition. Masculine & Feminine. The Seen and Unseen.

This is a healthy version of embodiment. 

I’m slightly chuckling to myself right now, aware that I’m talking about cross hairs, which (duh) make the shape of the cross.

What if this is what the symbol of the cross has been pointing to all along?

A meeting point between what feels like polar opposites. 

Above and Below. Left & Right.

Heaven and Earth. The Beginning and the End.

Spirit and Matter. Alpha and Omega.

The unification of what feels like separation, into wholeness. 


Photo by Monty Allen on Unsplash

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