Embodying the Nature in You

I never thought I’d be writing about moon cycles. I thought it was all a bit to woo-woo and new agey for me. I’ve come to love them now though. These cycles helped me find a natural rhythm that balances of structure and flow, and keeps me out of the all-or-nothing patterns that drove my disordered eating and burned me out in business.

I was first introduced to moon cycles 5.5 years ago in the context of tracking my monthly bleed. This was a real edge, since my conservative churching shamed any homage to nature as sacrilege.

I’ve come to a different understanding that rings much more true for me: that nature works in cycles; very rarely straight lines. When you start to include yourself in the picture of nature, it goes without saying that you also work in cycles; very rarely straight lines.

I know this totally goes against the ‘shortest difference between two points’ way of living and working, but think about it. When you look at how you got to where you are today, did it actually play out as simple as, straight shot from A to B? Or were there some twists, turns, and what felt like starting over a few times?

Try as I might to make the straight line happen, because it’s so quick and simple and sure, I’ve definitely lived the twisty circular version of life.

Instead of fighting that truth, I’m now surrendering to it. 

We are a part of nature. We can’t change that. And if seasons, phases, and cycles work for nature, than I guess we could try that too.

I’m not here to teach you all about this. There’s lots of people with more knowledge and experience than me. Google it and see what hits home. (Or here’s a novel idea, talk to a friend or too about it and see where that conversation takes you. Maybe you already intuitively know how this works.)

What I want to challenge you with today, is to think about how you might be able to embody this piece of yourself just a little bit more.

How could you surrender to your own human nature, that is a part of the whole of nature? 

How could you love, respect, and honor that part of you that craves to synch in with the rest of nature around you?

How would surrendering to nature, let you be more you?

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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