December Full Moon Reflections

I learned that full moons are great times for releasing ie letting go and surrendering (*see note below). For the Full Moon happening in the dead of winter, the darkest time of the year, in a season where messages of Peace are often shared with each other, maybe just let yourself go with that flow. Let yourself mirror what’s happening around you.

Some things to think about:

What part of you could you let die? Is there a piece of your identity you’ve been hanging on to that it’s time to say goodbye to?

How can you embody the season of winter? Is it slowing down the pace of your work or social schedule? Going to bed early and hibernating with a book? 

How can you get comfortable with the dark? Is it enjoying your morning or evening by candlelight instead of lights blaring? Truly accepting a situation as it is without having the final answer? 

What is keeping you from experiencing Peace?

Use the next couple of weeks to let what needs to, fade away.

*Note on moon cycles: This didn’t make sense to me at first. I knew full moons as the time when all the crazies come out, or in my own cycle, the time I’m most happy and expressive. How does letting go, which I associate with a quieter energy, fit in? If your mind needs to understand this, here’s how I explain it to myself: Follow the light of the moon. When it is a Full Moon and its light is the brightest, what comes next? It starts to fade. So while the light of the moon is fading, so too does the thing you’re letting go of.  Then when the moon is at its darkest (New Moon), you have new found space to set an intention for what you DO want in your life. You let that grow as the light of the moon grows too. I’m finding it to be such a simple and profound way to consistently clear out the junk in my spiritual closet and make room for the desires, hopes, and prayers of my heart.)

Photo by Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash

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