December New Moon & Winter Solstice Reflections

Well, you made it. You got through the 6 months of the year carrying you from light into utter darkness (in the northern hemisphere that is.) As I’m posting this, it’s actually the middle of the shortest, darkest, days. Did you know that instead of just one dark day, we are blessed with three? From December 22nd – 24th , the sun/earth position stays the same.

Which makes Christmas the start of the slow awakening to light.

Something I’ve noticed recently, and am learning to trust, is the awakening process. Instead of answers, new habits, and solutions coming quickly and overnight, things take time to grow. Just like it takes 6 months to get from the darkest to lightest days.

And in case you forget this, the Moon cycle helps you remember. Every 4 weeks you have the darkness of the new moon, and you live through the full 2 weeks it takes for the brightness of the full moon to arrive.

These transitions from darkness to light are a time to reflect on the light you want to call into your life.

This week not only do you have the solstice, you also have a new moon (December 26th.) Sandwiched in the middle is Christmas; a symbol of grace and gifts.

So this week consider the following:

  • What is it your heart and soul most want and desire?
  • What gift are you willing to receive?
  • Where in your life would you like more clarity and light?

Notice in your body where you your answers live.

Is it in your heart? Pelvis? Shoulders?

Take a few deep breaths into that part of your body as you offer up your desires as a prayer…

Dear God, I am ready to receive more [fill in the blanks from the first two prompts]. Help me to see the light in my [fill in the blank from the last prompt].

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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