Stuck in a rut? 2 ways to get your springtime groove on

I just got back from a walk in the woods. The signs of new life are starting to show. Little green buds showing themselves on the brown branches, and the tips of leaves peeking up through the mud. A quiet birdsong celebrates that it’s warm enough to be out and about, and a mild earthy scent of grass and damp moss hints that Spring is just about here.

Those signs are easy to miss when you’re stuck in a rut. It took me halfway through my walk to actually notice the life teeming around me. Until then, everything was just one muddled blur of brown, grey, and green, a reflection of how I was feeling inside.

This happens throughout life. On any given day, you usually just notice the blur. The shades of brown, grey, and green that can feel heavy, dark, murky. Even when ‘things are going well’, the vibrancy of life gets overshadowed with a more melancholy ‘meh’.

We forget that there is life running through our veins. Literal streams of blue that turn red if they meet up with oxygen.

We forget that a mysterious energy is pooling in our Creative Cauldrons, just waiting for us to stir it round so it can move through us and into physical form.

We forget that, just like the seed of a flower, we have a seed within us that knows how to bloom and blossom into its very own shape and function, when it receives what it needs.

We forget that we are part of Life, and that our lives are teeming with Life.

It’s just that sometimes we get caught up in the darkness. We think that bleak winters of the soul and tears of heartbreak are normal. We forget to notice Life.

Last month I started a trauma resolution course for coaches. My work with clients inevitably ventures near their darkness, and helping them navigate out in a more embodied, sustainable way is near and dear to my heart.

I’ve been drawn to this work after realizing that the patterns my clients and myself face, mirror our natural protective mechanisms. The instinct to overpower or run away from situations at the slightest sign of danger, is your body’s way of keeping you safe.

Frenzy, Freak-out, F-this, Forgetabouit; this is our primal fight and flight getting stuck in overdrive. You burn-out or give-up, and miss out on living in the Flow of our full creative expression.

I’m learning a lot about the impact of neglect, shame, poor attachment when we’re young, how fear shows up in our nervous system, and how to notice all the symptoms that point to what’s gone wrong.

Do you know what though? The thing that’s stuck with me the most is not what’s broken and how to fix it. It’s the reminder to notice the Life.

My teacher Rachael Maddox calls it your Blueprint of Health. My mentor and Embody Founder Nadia Munla calls it your Soul’s Dance. I landed on the words True You years ago.

This is the part of you that has been designed to grow and thrive. Like a homing device, no matter how far away from home you go, it knows how to get you back. It follows the breadcrumbs of health, wholeness, truth, love, life.

Maybe you call this part of yourself your Soul, Higher Self, Divine DNA, Inner Wisdom.

I think of it as the piece of the puzzle of the Big Picture that we are uniquely designed to fill. When we embody our full and true self, we fill that piece to the max. The whole puzzle becomes stronger and holds its shape better.

Today, as I’m writing this, it’s a New Moon. Which means, even though you can’t see the moon, it’s still there.

Same goes for your own Inner Light. Even if you feel like it’s not shining too bright, it’s still there.

The moon will be revealing itself little by little over the next couple of weeks. I love how it models the idea of honouring the process and trusting the baby steps. It doesn’t rush into things, flipping a switch from dark to light over night.

Your own light most likely also needs time to shine, and that’s OK.

Allow for the unfolding. Allow for the growth that needs to take place before the flower blooms.

While some of that growth is likely to require facing the dark and the shadow, for now, remember where you’re going.

Remember, and nourish, the Life within yourself.

If that feels like a challenge (because, I get it, that darkness can feel like you are lost in a cave), here’s a couple ways you can re-orient yourself to your health, wholeness, home.

When do you feel Grounded?

Notice when you feel grounded, centered, present, or whole. What allows your whole body to relax and sigh?

It might be something that feels indulgent. Like a warm bath, or a holding a hot cup of cinnamon tea with both hands, slowly breathing in the scented steam.

Or maybe it feels like you’re in a cocoon, being wrapped and held by something that can carry all of you.

I started watching a Netflix series all on my own for the first time ever. I came across ‘Anne with an E’, and it’s been my go to grounding over the past few weeks. Why? Because as I’m visiting some deep inner child stuff, the Anne of Green Gables character nurtures that same part of me. She allows my Dreamer to dream. I feel safe. Secure. I can breathe.

When do you feel Cosmically Connected?

You can also notice when you feel alive, joyful, super connected, ecstatic. As opposed to your body exhaling and releasing energy (like when you’re grounded), your body might have a lot of energy running through it.

You might think of this as your turn-on. For me it’s when I feel cosmically connected, like God is running through my veins.

This feeling might come with some sort of creative expression; like writing or making art. Or maybe moving and dancing to music. Or even just listening to music that touches and wakes up your soul.

For me it’s often house music, specifically Lane 8 and his deeper, progressive house mixes. I start involuntarily singing because my soul and my body can’t not.

If you’re reading this, you’re invited to nourish these parts of you. Notice when you’re connected to Life, feeling grounded or cosmically connected. Do more of that thing.

Listen to the music, watch the show, drink the tea, sauté the onions, stop and sit on the park bench.

Do what you need to do to water the seed within you has your soul’s unique blueprint and DNA encoded into it. Nourish it. Feed it. Allow it to express itself as your truest self.

Let yourself bloom and spring into Life, as the landscape starts to come alive around you.

Photo by pisauikan on Unsplash

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