Where are you planting your roots?

I recently learned that the soil in Wales is what makes the trees take on their craggy, gnarly shape.

Which presumably means that the same acorn planted in Wales will look different to how it would if it were planted in England, or Scotland or the US or wherever you’re reading this from.

This week opened with the Embodied Contemplation on… “Where are you planting your roots?”

Like any other seed we respond to the qualities of the soil we’re planted in, shaping the fruits and offerings we share with the world.

Roots planted in a story of scarcity and not enough, means that offerings you make will never be enough and neither will what you receive.

Roots planted in danger and fear means that everything around you will seem dangerous and every step you take will be filled with anxiety; every situation a possibility for something to go wrong.

And then there’s roots planted into a source of unconditional everlasting Love that tend to bear fruits of generosity, contentment, and a well of inner peace because your seed, your soul, is being nourished with something that is always safe and will never run out.

For most of my life my roots have been planted in those first two stories. Trying to uproot and replant into the third is proving to be a challenge because those old stories are so familiar, they offer a sense of security. I mean, I know how to hustle and prove my worth. But to sit back and let my life and self be enough? That’s a big ask at first.

But then you feed your soil different nutrients, different perspectives, let your body start to feel what it’s like to meet Love even if your heart isn’t quite ready.

You can taste the contentment for a moment. Embody a flicker of generosity. Inhale the scent of peace.

Just enough that you decide to trust.

My experience is that replanting your roots is a process. You have to retrain your brain. Untangle the wires a bit before you plug them back in.

So just take one step at a time. One root at a time, and see what starts to sprout in your life.


Monday Morning Embodied Contemplations are happening via FB Live 7am BST at Kendra Tanner Coaching. You can catch April 6th’s on Grounding and Rooting below.

Monday April 13th’s is gonna be on Re-Sourcing… reorienting to sources of wholeness, health, beauty, and safety. See you there!

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