What kind of future could we co-create?

It’s a new moon today, and while I’ve been following the moon’s cycle for a while now, I don’t normally harp on about it too much. This one feels different though. I’ll tell you why.

Yesterday an email landed in my inbox from Chani Nicholas. I bought her book, You Were Born for This, recently, and somehow ended up on her newsletter.

In yesterday’s email, she gave an overview of this New Moon’s significance; how it interacts with the planets and other astrological implications that are beyond me, and I’m not even sure how much I really buy into.

Her underlying message felt sound though, and so I forwarded the email to my friend Claire. Claire wrote back with a very astute and simplistic summary to the email: “Main message for me is grieve the crumbling of the old structures that no longer serve us and visualise how we want the future to be….” (I have her permission to share this with you.)

Bam. This landed deep within me. The desire to make a recording for this swelled inside me.

I listened, and you can listen to that here.

That’s not my point though.

My point is that this simplistic flow between Chani to me, to Claire, to me, to you, models the future I would love to live in. Where there is an easy giving and receiving flow. Where we are connected to our core enough that we don’t hesitate to let the Flow go through; allowing for insight, wisdom, gifts to flow freely to us and through us. Individually contributing to the pot in our own unique, authentic, and coherent way, allowing for something new to be born out of the whole.

I haven’t spent much time visualizing a future, or even naming, let alone grieving the old structures. Grieving is hard for me, and I need a lot of time, space, and privacy to really allow myself to feel this deeply.

It’s easier for me to look forward to the future, and so this is where I’m going to start from today. (Here’s a tip I learned from ReBloom trauma training: Start with what’s easy, dip into difficulty, go back to easy. It helps me ensure I don’t bypass the more challenging feelings. Starting with what’s easy means I’m more filled up to approach the challenge. Game-changing. The recording inspired by Chani Nicholson and Claire practices this. The chance to grieve, if needed, is sandwiched between some resource.)

Since Covid-19 lockdown conversations with friends are starting to include contemplation about the future. “What will it look like?” “We can’t just go back to the way things were.” There’s a shared deep knowing that we’re in the middle of a significant time. At a crossroads, an inflection point where a decision needs to be made; and aptly so, as ‘decision’ is at the heart of the word ‘crisis’.

I go back to this idea that we have choice. I understand that not everyone may feel that they do. When basic needs aren’t being met and health is at risk, there seems to be little room for choice. And maybe for those laying in hospital beds, there actually are very few choices to be made.

For those of us who still have some semblance of normality intact, we have a wider range of choice. We may have more time too, to actually contemplate what kind of future we’d like to be living in, and what part we might play in creating that.

The crazy thing is, we always have this choice. Any day of the year we can evaluate what is and isn’t working in our personal lives, in our local communities, and our global world, and we can think about what we do and don’t want to bring into tomorrow.

Speaking for myself here, I never do this unless shit hits the fan. When life is going according to my plan, I feel lulled into a false sense of security that starts to numb my conscious awareness.

I remember having a conversation with a colleague about 10 years ago when I was in London. He made a comment, like, ‘ever the idealist.’

I am a dreamer. There’s a bit of Pollyanna in me. My eyes naturally find the glass half-full and the silver lining. Sometimes I wonder if I’m too naïve.

Maybe I am. But I also know what I lived. I know what life has taught me. I lived through a time in my life that was dark. Where I didn’t like myself one bit. Where I was caught in a destructive cycle of depriving my needs, overconsuming, and then punishing myself to try to bring myself back to a façade of right relationship and wholeness.

That cycle was not sustainable.

I also lived on the other side of that cycle, at least in one arena. I got off the hamster wheel and overtime found myself in actual right relationship and wholeness with my body and food.

Since then I carry hope. I believe that miracles are possible. That Love never fails. That Truth sets you free.

I don’t subscribe to the theory that we end up in perfection. Just wholeness. Just freedom. Even if just for a moment.

And many times that wholeness and freedom comes from facing things like grief. Anger. Disappointment. Rage. Going into the darkness to feel what is real. It’s in the place of ‘real’ you taste the freedom.

I also have hope for the ripple effect. The one person tastes wholeness and freedom, and then they make different choices. Maybe only small at first. But even the small choices allow for Love to flow through and bump into the person next to you.

And so then the next person catches a whiff of health, whole, free, Love. They breathe it in. Maybe they breathe it out. Maybe it becomes contagious.

I know this is abstract. When I think of the future world that I would love to help create it is more than just a row of dominoes being blown over by the healing power of Love. I mean, that would be pretty cool, and there’s also more specifics on my heart.

I would love to see neighbours actually be neighbours again. Share sugar. Drop off freshly made scones. Not because I need you to scratch my back one day, but because we know we belong.

I would love to see families stroll together as the sun sets, maybe tend to their gardens, maybe build a tree house, or maybe just go sit under a tree, instead of being mesmerized by other people’s lives on a screen.

I would love for addiction to be a word that, in a few generations, doesn’t have a place in the dictionary other than to refer to a faint memory. I would love for a gamut of emotional, spiritual, and physiological healing to take place that eliminates the need for substances to make you feel in control, comforted, numbed out, high, or ecstatic.

I would love for song and dance to find its way back into the medicine cabinet.

I’m sure there is more. But for now, and this New Moon, I will leave you with that. And invite you dream a little. Sing a little. Dance a little. What does the deep knowing within you, believe is possible? What seed of hope feels right to plant today?

Would you like to cultivate a relationship with your body that supports the embodiment of your wisdom as we venture into an unknown future? There are now two offerings available to support you with this journey. See if it’s right for you through this link.

Photo by Roxxie Blackham on Unsplash

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