Join the 40 Days for Peace Challenge

Welcome to the #40days4peace challenge!

This is for you if you’re feeling

  • lost in lockdown
  • still nursing the 2020 hangover
  • this winter’s hibernation tastes more like ‘hopeless’ than hot chocolate
  • don’t know who to be or where you belong anymore

Why aim for Peace?

It’s a hunch we’re sniffing around cuz we know…

the above could be a sign your nervous system’s shutting down into ‘hypo’ mode, which means a part of you doesn’t feel safe, and if you don’t feel safe, it’s also likely you’re feeling the furthest thing from peace.

Or ease. Or fulfilling connection. Or intimate belonging. Or… fill in your desired blank.

So why not attempt to thaw from this wintry season (whether it’s actually cold or there’s a trauma-induced freeze going on) with our eyes on the lookout for ways to create, make, or find some more of what you really want and what you’re uniquely made for.

Game Rules:

  • Play from from Feb 17 – Apr 3 (40 + days over the period known as Lent in the Christian tradition)
  • Follow the daily prompt on FB or Insta to connect to your heart, body, and soul
  • Feb 17-19 tee’s this up with getting to know your story
  • Then each Monday – Friday you’re guided to make peace with your heart, mind, body, planet, and community in simple, doable, ways
  • Weekends you get to chill out and relax
  • Participate as little or as much as you want to and can… no stress, just peace

We’ve got prizes. For each time you:

  1. Repost the prompts and share your responses on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #40days4peace
  2. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram (@cobhpodcast) in your posts so we can celebrate your journey
  3. Tag 2 friends to join along with you
  4. Show some love to your fellow peace seekers by following the hashtag and encouraging others

You’ll be entered into a draw to win 1 of 5 prizes:

  • A free coaching session with Kendra
  • A free yoga session with Amber for yourself or a small group
  • A signed copy of Amber’s poetry book ‘Water Your Own Garden’
  • A signed copy of Kendra’s ‘True You Journey’ workbook
  • 1 month subscription to the Conversations on Being Human Patreon ‘Gatherer’ level

Let us know if you’re playing and invite some friends along!

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