3 reasons why a love-hate relationship with your work might be legit

This video gives you three reasons why you might be feeling a push-pull about the work you’re doing.

Hear stories from my personal experience and how tension about your work might be related to your own body and soul wisdom that knows…

1. It doesn’t include all parts of you

2. It might not be a good fit YET

3. There might be more to learn first

You’ll learn how nervous system responses can show up in relation to your work when you’re trying to to do much, too fast, too soon…

And you’ll be encouraged to recognize the right shape, fit, and timing by your inner ‘zing’… your unique compass of joy, ease, pleasure, and other flavors of love.

As an Embodied Leadership Coach and trauma-informed Business Consultant, I love helping creative soulful leaders to get their project off the ground without stressing out or burning out.

Visit my blog for more resources. Curious how we can work together? Here’s more info.

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