What’s it like to have a ‘coach on tap’?

Life happens to the best of us, right?

You’re working to a deadline, are so close to completing that shitty (but critical!) first draft, and you can feel the self-sabotage start to creep back up because you’re deep cleaning the kitchen and reorganizing your underwear drawer for the 5th time this week.

You’re launching your latest and greatest, it doesn’t go to plan, and you can feel yourself slipping down a rabbit hole you know all too well that will leave you hovering outside the refrigerator door, struggling to follow through.

You’ve been practicing the tools and the skills, and now you’ve got a real-life situation to apply them to, and although you think you’ve got the hang of it, you’d love to give that tricky conversation a practice run so you can finally do the happy dance you know you’re capable of.

This is life. And you’ve totally got it. Because you’ve been here before and you know this is just a temporary blip.

For when you’re used to getting through these blips on your own, and you also feel like, going it alone is getting old…

Call me.


That’s what your ‘coach on tap’ is there for.

You’ve got me. On Whatsaap or Telegram voice notes M-F as your coach-on-tap and #1 cheerleader so you can navigate through without your nervous system totally freaking you out.

I’m also there as a silent business partner. Not sure about the color or the copy on your website? Wondering about the price point? Questioning if you should go with number 1 or number 2?

I’m here to listen, ask questions, reflect what I’m seeing, and invite you back to your body when you’re stuck up in your head. If at any point you want my two cents, you can ask for that too.

Monthly retainer starts at £250 with options for voice-notes only or mixed with 30 min coaching or content review.

Interested? Let’s hop on call and get clear on what will serve you best.

Send me a message

Or let’s talk

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