Why stopping to pause and retreat is such a good idea

Because we spend so much time doing

Because our focus is always on moving forward and getting ahead

When your nervous system is always ‘ON’, there’s no room to digest what is actually happening and feel into your most aligned response.

There’s no time to rest and hand over the reins to a wisdom deep within you.

You know your nervous system has been ‘ON’ for too long when

  • you feel stressed out
  • the creative juice dries up
  • you’re angsty and irritable
  • you’re productive but the quality of work is a bit meh
  • you can’t focus and spend your days putting out (or creating) fires

Even though the idea of turning ‘OFF’ might freak you out (because there is so much to do and so many deadlines!)…

Taking a break might be exactly what your body and your mind needs.

Your nervous system is wired to function well in both ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ states.

The ‘OFF’, often known as ‘rest and digest’, is when you can breathe a little easier, think a little more clearly, and settle into a pace of life that actually feels good for you.

Pause Retreats are designed to give you the space to rest, digest, and then, only after your tank is full, ease back into creating and the ‘do’.

Hosted at a cozy small-holding in Wales, I work with you to create a custom retreat that meets you in whatever season you are in.

Whether you want to decompress and get clear about a strategy that helps you build momentum with ease, care for your inner child and inner critic as you break through an upper limit, or settle into your optimal pace as you start-off a creative project, there’s lots of options to play with.

Past guests have enjoyed Embody dance classes, mountain walks, pottery, Creative Kitchens, along with coaching support from me. And then of course you can always nap, pet the sheep, or just go with the flow and dance in the rain.

“Kendra’s Pause Retreat found me at a point in my life where I was looking for something more meaningful but not sure what. The retreat was just what I needed – time and space to feel things out. The experience was nourishing in the most holistic sense of the word. From the location of the sessions to the food. It has left me with gems that still resonate years later. “

Amber W., @herbal.amber, Read her post-retreat story, How choosing ease guarantees moments of softness’, here.

Prices start at £1500 for a 5 day/4night retreat, including pre- and post- retreat coaching sessions. (Accommodation and meals priced separately.)

Get in touch to see how a Pause Retreat can support you.

Send me a message

Or let’s talk

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