Why you might want to include your body in your business equation

You’re smart, sharp, and you’ve got the goods.

You might also feel bored, tired, and stuck in a rut.

Thinking your way in to a new product, service, strategy, tactic, or career move to spice things up is an option, sure.

And it’s also likely that new great idea will quickly dry up.


Because in your body lies your power.

The instincts that let you know if this great idea is worth following or not.

The well of creative juice sourced from the ultimate Creative Source, and keeps you going even when you’ve run out of steam.

The range of emotions that wake you up to life, and makes navigating the ride all that much more powerful and fun.

Start moving your body? You start shaking things up.

Rational and logical decisions are balanced with a Yes because they also feel yum.

Sure, you still assess the risk, but you also trust letting loose and getting lost in the wild.

And while you still might enjoy following some rules, what feels even better is following your inner guide.

Because deep down you always knew your true shape never really matched the one you’ve been trying to squeeze into.

What’s on the other side of bringing your body into the equation?

That’s the story you and your body get to tell.

And it can start with simply moving your body (music helps too).

Let’s work together to personalize a movement-to-music experience just for you. You can also join an Embody class I’m hosting or a sober rave I’m DJing.

Bespoke individual or group movement sessions start at £200.

Get in touch to book something in.

Send me a message

Or let’s talk

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