Permission to Stop Being Social and Just Blurt

I did it. 4 weeks without logging on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook (OK I logged on Facebook, but only to send a quick message to someone I didn’t have an email for. Note to self… this is why you collect emails!) I feel like celebrating. Not only that I stuck to my guns and workedContinue reading “Permission to Stop Being Social and Just Blurt”

Action Woman finds a new “Best”

One week in and social media free. I’m liking this. The withdrawal symptoms have lessened. The insatiable itch to check what’s going on in the outside world whenever my inner world is shaky has subsided. I feel a lot more steady and clarity is beginning to emerge. Let me back up a bit. Two monthsContinue reading “Action Woman finds a new “Best””

A Social Media Hiatus

It’s April 1, 2018. Easter Sunday. The first day of my social media hiatus. I just deleted the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and FB Messenger apps from my phone. This is not a joke. You see, I noticed an addiction forming that looks like this: I’m bored. Check facebook. I’m lonely. Check facebook. I don’t know what toContinue reading “A Social Media Hiatus”