Let’s write the next chapter of your story

Because where you are now, is not the end.

Even if…

you’re stressed out from trying to do too much

you feel burned out and are thinking of giving up

you’re freaking out about the idea of actually doing what you love

all you want is to get off the merry-go-round of fighting with your body

There’s another option that starts with you and your body.

Confidence. Presence. Alignment.

Let’s start at the very beginning…

(a very good place to start)

Before taking lots of action with the hope of getting lots of results…

What’s your body feeling?

Hint: It might be something simple (like ‘tired’) or something more sensational (like ‘tingly’).

What’s your body saying?

Hint: Your body has it’s own poetic language. It’s sensual, primal, and sometimes (gasp) doesn’t even have words.

What’s your body want to do?

Hint: A lot of times it’s not the thing you think you’re ‘supposed’ to do (like, go take an afternoon nap).

Your relationship with your body can feel like…

A Friend

Instead of fighting with your body and getting stuck in a cycle of deprive and indulge, it’s possible to love and accept your body as is. Your Body as Friend can even help you love yourself.

An Ally

It’s possible to learn the language of your body and recognize sensations as signals for healing past trauma and signposts towards your truest self. Your Body as Ally can be your superpower.

A Guide

Working in partnership with your body helps cut through the noise and can give you clarity about what your next right move is. Your Body as Guide is like having an internal compass show you the way.

Once you start listening to your body, your life starts going places you never thought you could go.*

(*Fact, not fiction)

With Kendra’s support, I’ve gotten more in touch with my anger and my growl and it has been sooo transformative. One session. One simple session changed my life.

Magnolia Barrett;

Oh the possibilities!

So what’s next?

We can do this together.

(And maybe even have some cake while we’re at it.)

Coaching Options

I work with you to create a bespoke coaching program tailored to your vision, goals, where you are now, and what will support you this season.

There’s a few options to throw in the mix:

embodied leadership coaching

trauma-informed business consulting

creative mentoring

personalized retreats in Wales

online movement and creative workshops

Pricing can range from £595 for a 3-session starter-pack to £5,000 for 6-months of coaching.

Schedule a call to see if this is right for you.

“Kendra’s warm and grounded presence created such a safe space for me to express and attune to my body.  Her creative instincts and ability to dig into the sensual delights of Life feels like magic, and I’m so grateful for the support and inspiration she has provided me in our work together. “

Karen Diane; @graceful_alignment 


What’s it like to work with my body (aka somatically)?

This can feel similar to ‘mindfulness’… slowing down to notice sensations in your body. I’ll help you learn how to recognize them, be comfortable with them being there, and start to cooperate with your natural instincts when they arrive.

My body and I aren’t BFFs, can you still help?

Totally! We can focus on creating a loving relationship with your body first. This will make it that much easier to tune-in and listen.

You said something about trauma. How does that work?

I assume trauma is in the room even if it’s not the focus of our work, and so I take a trauma-informed approach. By tuning into your body and your nervous system, you’ll learn how to notice any resistance, stuckness, or trauma patterns that arrive, and have the choice to soothe or transform them.

I don’t feel like talking about everything that happened in my past, is that ok?

Totally. We can work with what’s happening for you today. During a session, I’ll help you stay connected to yourself ‘in the present moment’. Sometimes by being present, a past memory comes to mind, however you have choice as to whether or not it’s the right time to talk about it.

You mentioned consulting. How do we do that?

Once you’re used to working with your body, we can weave in options that support your creative and leadership projects. I can serve as a sounding board for business direction, review your creative output, or some other combo.

Who did you train with? What guides your approach?

I’m a student of embodiment, somatic trauma-resolution, feminine leadership, and connection to God-Spirit-Source. I’ve certified as an Embody dance facilitator and completed a feminine leadership mentorship with Nadia Munla. My trauma and coach training to date is with Tanya Syed and Rachael Maddox. Other embodiment teachers who influence my work and perspective include Phillip Shephard, Richard Rohr, and Cara Viana.

More questions?

Great. Send me a message or set up call.

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