I love working with individuals who are waking up to a whole other way of being.

This might feel like life as you know it isn’t working anymore…

And you have a sense that instead of this being a catastrophe, Life is inviting you to grow into more of You.

Not that this intuitive knowing makes it any easier or less painful.

There might be some fear and anxiety about what the future brings, guilt that you didn’t get it ‘right’ and ended up ‘here’, and some shame in the shadows that is trying to make you believe that you don’t actually deserve for things to fall into place and flow.

Which is a totally normal reaction when everything you’ve known to be true, no longer gives you something firm to plant your feet (and identity) into.

Whether that’s your marriage or body falling apart, a business or career failure, or the way you connected to God (or whatever place-holder you use now) no longer feels right…

It’s likely your soul has outgrown the rules you were following and is nudging you towards a bigger Truth.

While I’m not here with the answers, I do know that the more you connect to your whole self, the Truth you need will appear for you.

I love helping you connect, especially to your body and through your body.

I believe your body is a gateway to the vast amounts of wisdom that will sustain you; even if it’s as simple as moving just enough to quiet your mind so you can hear the whispers of your heart.

These are some of the whispers I’ve heard and tend to land with my clients:

  • Your presence is more valuable than your performance.
  • The current way we’re taught to succeed has a shelf-life.
  • Letting go of control, trusting yourself, and surrendering to the process is a big part of ‘the other way’ forward.
  • Your body is not here for you to control and perfect, but as a partner and source of wisdom.
  • Dis-connection to Self often lies at the bottom of any disordered relationship pattern (including relationship with food and body.)
  • Conflict and things ‘not working’ are often life’s invitations for more of You to come to the surface.

It may be that a part of you deep down has heard these whispers too, and yet you also can’t quite figure out how to change up your day-to-day life so that you’re more in synch and flow with the Bigger Picture.

I’d love to connect if that’s the case and see if it’s a good fit to help you embody what you intuitively know.

You can schedule a 1 hour call to explore this together and see if working together is a next step for you.


When I work with someone, we co-create a container to work within that includes a set amount of sessions at an agreed to rate. We get clear on the intention for working together, and how to navigate a way forward together.

The minimum container is usually 5 sessions at £750, the maximum typically 12 sessions at £1950. During an exploratory call, we discuss the amount of sessions, length of time, and financial investment that will serve you best.

Here’s what others have experienced:

Embodiment coaching offers you the opportunity to get out of your head and allows your body to speak up in a way that you will be able to hear her wisdom. It is a gentle yet powerful approach that gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation for the answers I already had inside. That in itself felt incredibly empowering. – Jo Hodson, UK

Kendra is amazing. She always finds the words to reassure you and understands your feelings when we cannot put them into words. I now have the resources to check in with my body and feelings. I have all the tools to keep using my voice and pursue my calling. – Charlotte, France

Training and Experiences that inform my approach:

  • A disordered eating and body image cycle that showed me the importance of letting go of control and living as my true self.
  • Facing business and financial failure that brought those lessons home.
  • A conservative Christian upbringing that kept God in a box and at some point no longer felt authentic.
  • Working through some developmental trauma through Somatic Experiencing for over 2 years.
  • EMBODY Dance Class Teacher Certification, which awakened the feminine part of me.
  • 1 Year intensive Embodiment Coaching Mentorship with EMBODY founder Nadia Munla. Wow. Just wow.
  • Foundational Level 1 Trauma Awareness with Tanya Syed. We all have trauma, and the body is the place to heal it.
  • Radical Wholeness weekend with Philip Shephard. Your voice lives in your body too.
  • Jacob Sokol Coaching Mastermind which introduced me to coaching basics taught by the masters.
  • B.S. Human Development from Cornell University. I almost failed Psych 101. A humbling reminder I’m not as smart as I think I am, and that traditional education isn’t always what I need.
  • Wisdom teachings from various spiritual, psychological, and scientific sages that keep saying the same thing in their own unique voice, and have helped me trust my own intuitive hits.

I work with clients on-line and through in-person retreats

On-line work allows us to connect from anywhere around the world.

In-person retreats happen in Wales (personalized individual immersive experiences) and Italy (group EMBODY retreats).

Have a sense that working together is a next step for you and want to feel it through? Let’s have an Exploratory Call. Totally non-committal and without obligation to say Yes, I want to give us both time to get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit.

My Approach as a Coach:

I believe you are a whole person with a natural blueprint for health.

I hold space for you to listen to your own voice and trust your inner compass.

I am here to help you figure out what your next right move is.

I am not here to fix or change you, or tell you what to do.

I am trauma-aware and will check in with your body and your system and honor where you are.

I am a certified EMBODY dance class teacher and am training as an Embodiment Coach, which means I have an understanding of how your body can guide you back home.

I listen for signs of ‘shoulds’, self-judgement, and fears of rejection and failure that might be stopping you from embodying the fullest expression of yourself.

I have first-hand experience of how this trifecta can lead to people-pleasing, perfectionism, workaholism, codependency, and addictive patterns such as disordered eating and poor body image. I will lovingly support you in unravelling these patterns.

I believe that when we experience an expression of Love from another being, we heal. I will Love you as best as I can.