True You Embodiment Coaching

This is great for when…

  • You want your life to be different and are waking up to the reality that changing the circumstances won’t work until ‘I change me’.
  • You have all the information (what to DO different) and are ready for the transformation (actually BE different)
  • You want to feel more confident and express yourself in a more authentic, embodied, way.

With True You Embodiment Coaching, it’s possible to:

  • Get out of patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • Have a renewed sense of self and purpose in life
  • Relate to your body in ways that keep you connected to yourself
  • Cultivate spiritual practices that will sustain your future growth


True You Embodiment Coaching is £750 (approx $995) and includes:

  • Five 90 minute coaching calls to help you see your blind spots, find the light at the end of the tunnel, and connect you to your body
  • Self-reflection tools laid out in an easy to follow study guide, Your True You Journey. This is a compilation of exercises and timeless lessons that I’ve personally used and passed on to clients over the years. You’ll receive a hardcopy to use at your own pace.
  • Additional teaching and guidance in over 3 hours of Your True You Journey course videos that help bring the True You signposts to life.

Book an exploratory call to see if this is right for you.

(If you know you want to work together, and something about the above doesn’t feel quite right… schedule a call. We can co-create a third option.)