Why try Cyclical Living

I became a student of cycles and ritual in 2019. You’re invited to join me.

Nature gives us a blueprint to follow. If we let it, it can teach us what we need to know, and guide us to what we need to practice in order to create a world order based on connection.

If we start with connection to what has happened for millennia before us, perhaps with end with connection that will sustain us for millennia to come.

Begininng December 2019, I’ll be sharing what I’m learning as I follow the cycles of New Moon, Full Moon, and 40-ish day seasonal cycles.

I’ll share rituals and embodiment practices you can try for yourself and/or bring to your community, as a way of tuning into the natural rhythms of life, and embodying our collective truest nature.

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Why this Matters

My sister and I had one of those heart to heart conversations where we put the world to rights in two hours or less.

It started off reflecting on pregnancy and labor, and how so many women must suffer post-partum depression and anxiety in silence.

Which led to a curiosity about life 200+ years ago when communities were shaped differently; when women raised their children together, across family unit divides.

It begged the question: Does having consistent connection with other women who are travelling life’s transition with you lessen the blow? What would this communal living look like in modern day culture?

Which led to another reflection on how the fabric of our society has disintegrated. How a side effect of women entering the workforce, is a loss of ritual that kept us connected; to each other, nature, and a Higher Power.

We found ourselves asking: How much mental illness could be prevented just by belonging to a community that is rhythmically moving through life together?

We both agreed the solution wasn’t for women to exit the workforce. Trying to fix and change the current constructs wouldn’t really work. But we both wanted to know, how do we create a new culture where there is a healthy balance of both the building, creating, and doing, and the connection, relationship, and mystery?

What would our culture and economy look like if we valued both equally?

The solution isn’t male vs female. Just as women have the opportunity to contribute and lead in our outer world, men are invited to contribute to the weaving of a new societal fabric. One that fosters connection within and between communities, nurtures the learning and development of children, and addresses social justice and environmental sustainability.

We are all in this together.