Embody your Feminine Leadership – Online Group Program

A 7 week virtual pilgrimage & movement experience to return to your creative, intuitive & collaborative roots.

We start Monday March 30th at 7:30pm UK time.

For 7 weeks we’ll walk (and dance) through:

  • Reclaiming your Body Wisdom
  • Nurturing your Inner Child and Embracing the Creative Process
  • Connecting to your Inner Strength and Source of Courage
  • Inviting in Collaboration & Co-creation
  • Embodying your Feminine Wisdom
  • Creating Ritual

How we’ll flow

  • We meet Monday evenings on-line. 7:30-9pm UK time. Sessions will be recorded if you can’t be there live.
  • We start March 30th and finish May 11th. That gives you 40 full days to journey.
  • Each on-line session will include conversation, embodiment practices and moving meditations.
  • There will be opportunities for on the spot coaching during sessions.
  • Each week you’ll have a practice for the week to deepen and expand your capacity for connection to your body, pleasure, emotional range, and/or  play.
  • You have the option to pair up with another group member for weekly check-in, support, and accountability (a 20 min max time commitment).
  • When you enroll, you’ll receive a robust Welcome Pack to help you wade into this body of work.

Our communities, families, organizations and planet need us to rise up in a way that’s never been done before.”

Hi, I’m Kendra, Could these words be any more true right now?

Each day brings an opportunity, and staying centered in times of uncertainty is no small ask.

So, how are you doing? Like, really really doing?

Are you wishing you had a deeper connection with your inner wisdom to guide you through these turbulent times?

Hoping for a brighter future and yet not sure where to start to help create it?

Feeling deeply and wanting to harness those emotions for the greater good?

As we’re collectively ‘grounded’, you’re invited to ground in a more lasting way.

Reclaim your body and your sensuality.

Validate your emotions and trust your intuition.

Practice ritual to connect to your ultimate power and Source.

Remember who you are as a human and a woman.

What we’ll Cover

Each week we gather to explore the following themes:

Week 1: Reclaiming your Body Wisdom

  • Get to know the language of your body
  • Cultivate a healthy relationship with your body

Week 2: Nurturing your Inner Child and Embracing the Creative Process

  • Permission to play, make mistakes, get messy and fail
  • Flow within Cycles of action and rest
  • Allow for destruction and regeneration

Week 3: Connecting to your Inner Strength & Courage

  • Trusting your Intuition
  • Alchemizing challenging emotions, like anger and grief, into your power
  • Expressing your No with compassionate conviction

Week 4: Inviting in Collaboration & Co-creation

  • Letting go of control
  • Opening yourself up to receiving support and guidance
  • Embracing the pleasure of your Yes

Week 5: Embodying your Feminine Wisdom

  • Dancing with Life
  • Bringing it home with Embody Dance

Week 6: Creating Ritual

  • The meeting of flow and consistency
  • Creating personal containers to flow within
  • Balance of action and rest

Week 7: Integration

  • Personal & practical application going forward

Whether your landscape of leadership is in your home, community, or global, you are welcome here.

Enrollment Options

Group Only: £250 one-time payment

Group & 2 Trauma Informed Embodiment Coaching Sessions for personalized support and deeper integration of what you are learning:

£495 (Payment Plan available upon request)

Giving Back: 10% of Enrollment will be given to Matthew’s House in Swansea. They give dignity, food, and hospitality to Swansea’s street sleepers and most vulnerable.


Want to see if it’s a good fit? Email me at


My Approach

I am here as a guide, facilitator, and coach. I believe we are all students and all teachers; which means your wisdom is welcome and we are here to learn from each other.

Various mentors, teachers, and guides of mine have influenced this offering, including:


“I was able to express and experience myself and my journey from a different perspective; to remember where I have come from and where I am now, and celebrate this.”

Anna springett, business owner, coach & psychologist

“This workshop is an incredible and important opportunity to reconnect with what it really means to be a woman, and shake off what society tells you. Kendra created a safe and supportive environment in which I could explore limiting beliefs about sexuality and pleasure that I have long held due to damaging experiences. I accessed a deep resource of power, wisdom, and calm.”

Sarah Mortimer

This is for you if you…

  • Are hearing the call to rise-up.
  • Want to heal your relationship with your body and your femininity.
  • Desire to source your power from Love.
  • Are open to playing with the mystery and diving into the unknown.
  • Want to influence the world around you from a place of inner peace.

Come join us!