EMBODY: Reclaim your Pleasure, Power, and Play

Reclaim your Feminine Essence.

Awaken your Pleasure, Power, and Play.

Immerse yourself in a 3 hour sensual experience,

including a classic EMBODY dance class.

Swansea, UK: Sunday March 17th

Boulder, CO: Sunday March 31st

Boise, ID: Saturday April 13th

Nashville, TN: Friday April 26th

NYC: Sunday April 28th

(Details and RSVP links below. But first…)

OK Lady… Some questions for you…

When was the last time you let yourself sink into what feels good in your body and slip into something beautiful, even if you weren’t feeling so hot?

What about spontaneously singing for joy, shouting with rage, or shedding tears of any kind?

Do you remember what it’s like to skip, hop, and jump through your day; delighted by each moment, amazed at your life, even if it’s not turning out as planned?

And what about this one… how easy is it to fully surrender to your divine desires, and allow a flood of ecstacy to fill you from head to toe?

If, like most of us, it’s been awhile…

it’s time to awaken to the possibilities

when your feminine essence leads the way.


I’m guessing somewhere along the line you’ve been dished out a message or two that sounds like this:

Your sensuality and ecstasy is dangerous, sinful, and wrong.

Your emotions are too messy and make you look weak.

Your desire to play and dance for joy is unproductive, impractical, and will leave you far behind.

We’ve been asked to achieve, perform, have it all together and in stepping up to the plate we’ve forgotten our greatest strengths:

A primal connection to the world through our senses that turns-on our soul; leaving us a magnetic vessel through which Love flows.

The ability to feel deeply and process a full range of experiences in our bodies; from pleasure to pain; giving us access to deep infinite pool of wisdom and truth.

A shame-free curiosity and courage, that ventures ahead with a lightness in our hearts because we know that our divine dreams are safe and supported, and the possibilities have no limit.

Your pleasure. Your power. Your play. Welcome to your mo-jo.


Our families, communities, and planet are asking for your fiercely feminine grace to guide us back home.

We’ve tried the approach that applauds hard-work and a perfect performance at the expense of disconnection with ourselves, each other, and a power greater than all of us.

We’ve let our fears of failure, and shame of our inadequacies, spin us onto a merry-go-round that is carrying us far from center.

The result is burn-out.

Our bodies are another item on the to-do list.

Prayer is a past-time that feels pointless and empty.

Relationships are disconnected; our differences dividing us instead of engaging us.

Even when the quick fixes, like diets, 5 step marketing plans, and building walls, don’t feel quite right, we push through because we don’t know any other way.

We’ve forgotten that slowing down, surrendering into a more receptive stance, and walking alongside the footsteps of the other is what’s requested of us.

However, we can’t walk this path until we awaken what has been silenced and shunned for too long.

It’s time my sister. Your mo-jo’s got a voice. Your soul has a dance.

It’s time to discover that dance.

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This EMBODY half-day workshop invites you to connect with your feminine essence through your beautiful body, so you can feel vibrant, confident, in-flow, and free.

Our time together gives you an immersive sensory experience to get out of your head and into your feminine body… slow down the doing and sink into your being… so you feel safe to awaken and express the parts of you that have been craving more voice and space.

Through a combination of dance, somatic movement, and coaching, you’ll explore a range of emotions in your body, including your Pleasure, Power, and Play, so you have a lasting cellular memory to guide you home to your most authentic, embodied self.

This workshop will include:

  • Connecting to your body as a gateway to your Divine Desires
  • A classic EMBODY dance class
  • Somatic integration of your favourite Feminine Archetype


Where, When & RSVP

Swansea, UK

Sunday March 17th, 12-3pm, £45

RSVP: www.urbanzenyogacafe.com

Boulder, CO

Sunday March 31st, 2:30-5:30pm, $75 through March 15th

RSVP: EventBrite

Boise, ID

Saturday April 13th, 1-4pm, $75 through March 23rd

RSVP EventBrite

Nashville, TN

Friday April 26th, 5:30-8:30pm, $75/$85 through March 23rd

RSVP: www.nupoweryoga.com


Sunday April 28th, 1-4pm, $95 through March 23rd

RSVP EventBrite

More Info

To taste a flavour of the dance portion of this workshop, try a free EMBODY-at-Home Express.

For more info about EMBODY and it’s origins, visit www.embodydanceclass.com.

What Others Say

 ‘Kendra is a natural facilitator and makes me feel comfortable and confident to express and dance with wild abandon. I love a good dance with women in a safe space where any move goes. It helps me process subconscious emotions that were bubbling under the surface up and move them through me. I feel freer afterwards like a healing release has taken place. There’s nothing quite like it. Magic.’

‘EMBODY has helped me to enjoy my body and to enjoy dancing. To not be afraid of certain aspects of myself and to embrace who I am and to celebrate it. I have found a place to dance and to feel free.’