EMBODY: Discover Your Soul’s Dance

‘But I can’t dance.’, you say.

Don’t worry, neither can I.

At least not according to the standards that any choreographed dance class might ask of you.

I was the soccer player, not the ballerina, and when it came to school and church plays, I was in the back rows because I couldn’t quite get my body moving the way it was supposed to.

I’ve attempted Zumba and dancercise classes at the gym, and quickly learned that my brain does not compute left, right, hips, arms, bootie, fast enough to keep up. I leave more stressed than I was when I arrived. Not fun.

However, throw me in a bar or club where the DJ is spinning anything with a beat, and you will find me on the tables (sometimes sober) busting a move like no other.

Dance for me has been a way to feel free in my body, and let some repressed part of me that usually gets tucked away, start to make its way to the forefront of my being.

And that’s just with a DJ and the lights off. No personal development or spiritual growth strings attached.

Then, enter EMBODY.

EMBODY is where kick-ass music, permission to dance like nobody’s watching (no one is, and you can’t get it wrong), exploration of your feminine essence, sacred sisterhood, therapy, coaching, and a girl’s night out collide.

In November 2017 I was certified as an EMBODY dance class teacher; one of 9 women in the first group of teachers to bring forward the vision of founder, Nadia Munla, to have a global dance party that empowers women to reclaim feminine leadership, by taking our bodies’ needs (including pleasure, power, and play) back into our own hands, and dancing into our desires.

I teach monthly classes in Swansea, Wales, and am looking for women like you to collaborate with and bring EMBODY to other villages, towns, and cities across the UK.

Whether your story is similar or different to mine; whether or not you were or weren’t the dancer, EMBODY gives you the space to shake off whatever layer of your identity that is keeping you from embracing your full self. For me, it is the icing on the True You layer cake.

For updates on global EMBODY events and classes, and to connect with founder, Nadia Munla, and the global EMBODY tribe, visit www.embodydanceclass.com.

To experience a class I am facilitating, visit www.embodydanceclass.com and sign up for love-filled updates in your inbox (here).


(Note: These are my personal answers to questions I get asked about EMBODY and are not necessarily the exact views or opinions of Nadia Munla or EMBODY itself. For the official line, follow Nadia and her work at nadiamunla.com and embodydanceclass.com.)

What exactly happens at an EMBODY class?

The music plays for just under an hour. You’re guided towards some gentle movement to begin with (because a total blank dance-canvas can be a bit much!), and then you get to move as your body wants and needs to. We move through 3 distinct energies to connect you to your pleasure, power, and play.

What’s so special about my pleasure, power, and play? I’m quite content as the hard-working, no-nonsense chick, who kicks some ass while getting shit done.

I hear ya. I was too. I prided myself on my ability to work the longest hours, not waste any time at the water cooler, and influence senior management through meticulously articulated analysis.

Here’s what I’ve realized I was missing out on that whole time:

Womxn connected to their pleasure shy away from pain. Pain as in… piling more onto your schedule to the point of breakdown, ignoring the little tweaks in your body until you’re a regular at the doctors’, tolerating dynamics in a relationship (from food to friends) that cause more harm than good.

Pleasure as in… following what feels good even if no one else thinks it looks good and it rocks the boat (including sugar-full chocolate cake). Inviting beauty into your life that nourishes your senses (because you’re already ticking the beauty box). Prioritizing care for your mind, body, and soul (which sometimes means ‘not today’ to the cake).

Womxn owning their feminine power don’t have to hurry or hustle. You’re clear about what you do and don’t want for your life. You create space by only saying ‘Yes’ when it’s 100% aligned. You speak your mind with a quiet confidence, and you don’t have to prove your worth by the size of your brain, body, or to-do list.

Womxn who adopt a spirit of play get more done. The school run, the pitch to the executive board, and the dinner you promised to drop off at your mother-in-law’s all of a sudden become get-to’s not have-to’s, and they start to take care of themselves. You’re relaxed, notice life’s simple delights, and end up with some spare time to either enjoy a cup of tea (while sitting down), finish your online banking, or call a friend. Your choice.

This is possible for you.

Why does this matter?

Aside from less stress, enjoying the body you live in, liking who and what you see in the mirror, and emanating a radiance that is magnetic to others?

That will happen, but I hear you, it’s a little self-centered.

I’m all for personal healing and wholeness, AND let’s be real, feeling good can feel empty without a purpose beyond yourself.

Woman, whether you know it or not, you are playing a leading role in the outcome of your relationship, the wellbeing of future generations, and the culture of your community.

I’ve resisted the trending idea that it’s the women that will save the future of our planet and species. Aside from wanting the men to pull their weight, I see us all as equal.

Then I was hit with the truthbomb that the dissatisfaction I was experiencing in my relationship had very little to do with my partner and very much to do with me.

As an un-embodied woman, I have a strong need to control: situations, my house, and people in my life. As an un-embodied woman, I punish those who do not live up to my standards; whether through subliminal or overt judgement, manipulative behaviours, or giving the cold shoulder.

As I am slowly integrating and embodying parts of my self that I have been highly disconnected from (pleasure and play being two that did not make it into the core curriculum of my upbringing), two things happen.

  1. I shake off another layer of shame, which results in me being more free. Me feeling free = more fun + less critical = good times for all.
  2. I have less of a need to control, because all of a sudden, I am giving myself what I want, instead of relying on other people or circumstances to fill a void.

Here’s the thing: Men who feel shamed and controlled feel trapped and respond with anger. Anger leads to abuse and violence. Abuse and violence towards women, children, elderly, the vulnerable, and our planet, is wrong and needs to stop. Part of what stops that, is us women giving up our need to shame and control; both men and each other.

At EMBODY, we start with what is in your control: Your relationship with You.

Why just womxn?

EMBODY was created by a woman for womxn to give us a safe space to undo the shaming conditioning towards our feminine bodies and selves. That said we love all people and as the movement grows, so will the people it can serve.

What’s with the ‘x’?

While we live in a society that currently polarizes gender, EMBODY recognizes that feminine and masculine energies are not gender exclusive. EMBODY is open to all those who identify as womxn.