Embody Dance Class

EMBODY: Discover Your Soul’s Dance

EMBODY is a dance class all about feeling good.

For once, looking good is not on the agenda.

A cross between a girl’s night out, your favorite therapy session, a fulfilling spiritual practice, a sweaty workout, and a revolutionary act of reclaiming your feminine power in the very place we often lose it… our bodies…

EMBODY gives you a place where there is full permission to do you.

Not only can you dance like no one’s watching (because no one is), the memories you create at a cellular level as you move your body to music, makes a lasting imprint in your DNA.

You feel in your bones what it’s like to fully surrender to your inner diva as intoxicating voices fill the room.

You remember that leading with your hips is a very different thing than leading with your head.

You find your intuitive strength as your body sustains you through some messy, chaotic, tribal and ragey beats; which might look like finally letting that temper tantrum out, or sitting in peaceful stillness through the storm.

As if that’s not enough, you also find a skip in your step, and a smile on your heart as the dance floor becomes your playground.

Which means back home you are more inclined to flow through your day without rushing, say ‘No thank you’ to another invitation without feeling guilty, and make time to doodle, watch the flowers grow, and jump in the puddles with your kid because you can trust, this is the soul food that will sustain you.

‘But I can’t dance.’, you say.

Don’t worry, neither can I.

At least not according to the standards that any choreographed class might measure me by.

EMBODY is here to break us free from comparison ruts, fear of failure, and shaming messages that keep women playing small.

It’s permission to follow your soul’s desires,

turn up the volume of your voice, and

reclaim your body as a place of safety and source of strength.

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I teach monthly classes in Swansea, Wales, and in March & April 2019 will be facilitating EMBODY workshops in Boulder, Boise, Nashville and NYC. (Find out more here.)

Want to try this at home? Get access to EMBODY-at-Home Express.

For updates on global EMBODY events and classes, connect with founder, Nadia Munla, and the global EMBODY tribe at www.embodydanceclass.com.

To experience a class I am facilitating, visit www.embodydanceclass.com and sign up for love-filled updates in your inbox (here).

See you there!


(Note: These are my personal answers to questions I get asked about EMBODY and are not necessarily the exact views or opinions of Nadia Munla or EMBODY itself. For the official line, follow Nadia and her work at nadiamunla.com and embodydanceclass.com.)

What exactly happens at an EMBODY class?

The music plays for just under an hour. There is a balance of gentle guidance to connect with your body and encouragement to trust yourself and move as you want to.  We move through 3 distinct energies to connect you to your pleasure, power, and play.

What’s so special about my pleasure, power, and play? I’m quite content as the hard-working, no-nonsense chick, who kicks some ass while getting shit done.

I hear ya. I was too. I prided myself on my ability to work the longest hours, not waste any time at the water cooler, and influence senior management through meticulously articulated analysis.

Here’s what I’ve realized I was missing out on that whole time:

Womxn connected to their pleasure shy away from pain.

Pain as in… piling more onto your schedule to the point of breakdown, ignoring the little tweaks in your body until you’re a regular at the doctors’, tolerating dynamics in a relationship (from food to friends) that cause more harm than good.

Pleasure as in… following what feels good even if it rocks the boat (including sugar-full chocolate cake). Nourishing your senses with beauty, and prioritizing care for your mind, body, and soul (which sometimes means ‘not today’ to the cake).

Womxn owning their feminine power don’t have to hurry or hustle. You’re clear about what you do and don’t want for your life. You create space by only saying ‘Yes’ when it’s 100% aligned. You speak your mind with a quiet confidence, and you don’t have to prove your worth by the size of your brain, body, or to-do list.

Womxn who adopt a spirit of play get more done. The school run, the pitch to the executive board, and the dinner you promised to drop off at your mother-in-law’s all of a sudden become get-to’s not have-to’s, and they start to take care of themselves. You’re relaxed, notice life’s simple delights, and end up with some spare time to either enjoy a cup of tea (while sitting down), finish your online banking, or call a friend. Your choice.

This is possible for you.

Why does this matter?

Aside from less stress, enjoying the body you live in, liking who and what you see in the mirror, and emanating a radiance that is magnetic to others?

That will happen, but I hear you, it’s a little self-centered.

Woman, whether you know it or not, you are playing a leading role in the outcome of your relationship, the wellbeing of future generations, and the culture of your community.

As an un-embodied woman, there is a strong need to control: the outcome of situations, the state of our house, and people in our lives. This need to control (which sometimes looks like ‘succeed and achieve’) leads us to punish those who do not live up to our standards, manipulate others so we get our way, and winds us up so tightly, nothing can make us happy.

The embodiment path invites us to value and integrate the core of our feminine essence, balancing out the part of us that’s had lots of training in how to push forward at the expense of all else.

As we connect to our pleasure, full emotional range, and spirit of play, two things happen.

  1. We shake off layers of shame, which means we are more free. Feeling free = more fun + less critical = good times for all.
  2. We feel full, relaxed, and are in touch with our needs, which makes us feel safe, Safe = no need to control = makes others feel safe.

Here’s the thing: When the masculine feels controlled, it feels trapped and responds with anger. Anger leads to abuse and violence. Abuse and violence is wrong and needs to stop. Part of what stops that, is giving up our need to control; ourselves, our bodies, each other.

At EMBODY, we start with what is in your control: Your relationship with You.

Why just womxn?

EMBODY was created by a woman for womxn to give us a judgement-free space to undo conditioning and messaging towards our feminine bodies and selves that makes us feel disconnected and unsafe. That said we love all people and as the movement grows, so will the people it can serve.

What’s with the ‘x’?

While we live in a society that currently polarizes gender, EMBODY recognizes that feminine and masculine energies are not gender exclusive. EMBODY is open to all those who identify as womxn.

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