Embody Dance Class

EMBODY Dance Class is a free-form non-choreographed movement class so women can feel Confident, Vibrant, Feminine, and Free.

If you’ve ever been told…

  • You need to make your body smaller.
  • Don’t trust what feels good; it will lead you astray.
  • Dial down your emotions and be the ‘good girl’.
  • You need to work harder in order to succeed.

EMBODY gives permission to:

  • Celebrate your body no matter its shape or size.
  • Slow down and follow what feels good
  • Take up space and turn up the volume of your voice.
  • Try something new, even if it means falling and ‘failing’

Your dance move doesn’t have to look ‘perfect’; for once you don’t have to worry about getting it ‘right or wrong’.

Through gently guided movement to music, you remember what it’s like to be unapologetically you.

‘But I can’t dance.’, you say.

Don’t worry, neither can I.  At least not according to the standards that a choreographer might measure me by.

EMBODY is here to break us out of feeling less-than, comparison ruts, and shame- based messages that keep you playing small.

It’s time to love, trust and accept yourself…

Starting right here on the dance floor.

Embody dance class

Women who come to EMBODY say it helps them enjoy their bodies, have a healing release, feel happier and more alive.

“It’s a cross between a girl’s night out, your favorite therapy session, a moving meditation, sweaty workout, and a revolutionary act of reclaiming your voice in the very place we often lose it… our bodies.”

Want to try this at home? Get access to EMBODY-at-Home Express.

I teach classes in Swansea, Wales and at EMBODY retreats. Check the schedule here: www.embodydanceclass.com

Contact me to bring a 1 hour class or 1/2 day workshop to your community or retreat.


What exactly happens at an EMBODY class?

Each EMBODY teacher brings their own personal flavour to the class. Here’s  a taste of what you’ll get from me.

You’re gently guided to follow what feels good in your body.

It’s common for pain to feel more familiar than pleasure… piling more onto your schedule, tolerating unhealthy relationship dynamics, and ignoring physical pain symptoms because you’re too busy to take care.

Noticing what feels good in your body on the dance floor, helps navigate towards health in all areas of your life.

You are encouraged to move your hips!

Too often we’re told our bodies are not good enough; too big, soft, curvy.

By intentionally connecting to a part of your body that is usually criticized, your dance becomes a revolutionary act in reclaiming your power and your voice.

The music gets loud and emotions run high!

Instead of trying to ‘dance like a lady’, it’s totally OK to be one hot mess.

When you start to express your full emotional range, stress levels (and stress-eating) decreases because you’re not holding it all in anymore.

You remember what it’s like to be a kid again!

Instead of worrying about what you look like, you can dance like no-one is watching.

Reminding yourself what shame-free play feels like in your body, brings back the courage to try new things in life, even if you fail.

You find a new acceptance and Love for yourself.

You’re reminded that you body is yours to celebrate, you are enough as you are, you are powerful beyond measure, and you have so much brilliance to give.

Your dance reminds you of who you truly are.

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