EMBODY your Feminine Wisdom – Italy Retreat

5 Day/4 Night Women’s Retreat

At the Abruzzo Borgo in Abruzzo, Italy

Saturday September 21, 2019 – Wednesday September 25, 2019

Investment €750 (approx £695)

You’re invited to chill out and slow down so you can hear the quiet voice inside that guides you back home to You.

There is a part of you that is Spacious, Sacred, and Wise. An intuitive inner compass that helps you:

  • Choose relationships and opportunities that feel fulfilling.
  • Get things done without burning you out.
  • Say ‘Yes’ to your dreams and soul’s desires
  • Stay connected to yourself even when family and work commitments pull you in opposite directions.
  • Express yourself freely and effectively; no more holding back, apologizing for yourself, or accidently bull-dozing over others.

I call this our Feminine Wisdom: A shared strength that values connection to ourselves, each other, the earth, and our bodies.

You may have learned that:

  • success requires sacrificing yourself in order to achieve your goals,
  • you will get ahead by doing it on your own,
  • bigger is better,
  • your body is a distraction that gets in the way.

Your feminine wisdom knows that connection is what sustains you, and that the way to harness this power is through your body.

You’re invited to join me and an intimate group of women in the nurturing surroundings of Abruzzo, Italy, as we awaken our senses, quiet our minds, and dance our way back home to ourselves.

This retreat offers you an opportunity to embody to your feminine self as you:

  • Move your body in loving, nurturing, and fun ways
  • Savour sensual delights that give permission for your turn-on
  • Immerse yourself in natural landscapes that mirror your own strength and raw beauty
  • Engage in creative, playful, child-like expression
  • Relax into heart-felt conversation with soul sisters

The 4 pillars of EMBODY provide a framework for us to flow within:

Creating Safety in your Body: Your body is not wrong and does not need to be fixed.

  • You will be guided to trust your body’s instincts and felt sense, through a balance of movement, rest, and exploration of the senses.

Reclaiming your Pleasure: Your sensuality is not dangerous.

  • You will be encouraged to allow for what feels good in your body. We’ll explore themes of receiving and surrendering; in our bodies and in our lives.

Harnessing your Power through Flow: Your emotions are not too much or a sign of weakness.

  • You’ll be invited to make room for the full range of your emotions; from anger and heartbreak to ecstatic joy. You’ll learn how to ride the waves in your body as you expand and take up space instead of silencing your voice.

Permission for Play: Play is not pointless.

  • You’ll have the opportunity to nurture your inner child, ignite your creative curiosity, and remember what it’s like to not care if you fail or fall.

Retreat Schedule

Each day includes an Embodied Contemplation, Sister Circle, and EMBODY Dance session to facilitate your connection to your own Pleasure, Power, Play, and Feminine Wisdom. A sample schedule (subject to change) looks like:

  • 7:30am – 8:30am:      Morning Embodied Contemplative Hour
  • 8:30am – 9:30am:      Breakfast
  • 9:30am – 11am:         Sister circle and EMBODY Dance
  • 11am – 1pm:              Free time, Outings, or Circle time in the Wild*
  • 1pm – 2pm:                Lunch
  • 2pm – 5pm:                Free time, Outings, or Circle time in the Wild*
  • 5pm – 6pm:                Evening Meditation
  • 6pm – 9pm:                Evening Meal and Sensual Experience**

*There will be a flow of chill-out time pool side or by the beach, and group adventures in the local area; like dancing barefoot on a mountain top.

**Evening meals and experiences may include an on-site BBQ, wine tasting at a local winery, dining at an authentic Italian restaurant, or a group Creative Kitchens event.


This retreat is the first multi-day EMBODY event of its kind and is open to an intimate group of 5 women ready to deepen their embodied self-expression. The investment is at an introductory rate of €750 (approximately £695) and includes:

  • Vegan Breakfast and Lunch prepared on-site by Jo Hodson of Including Cake (Breakfast only on Departure day), and a variety of Dinner experiences (non-vegan unless there are specific dietary requirements)
  • Herbal teas, Italian coffee, and bottled water in your apartment
  • Private room in a shared apartment
  • Transportation within the retreat settings
  • Pick-up/drop-off from Pescara airport or local bus stop for Rome airport Coach connections
  • Daily EMBODY dance, Embodied Contemplation, and Sister Circles facilitated by Kendra Tanner
  • Evening meditations led by the Borgo’s resident shaman, Michael
  • Wine tasting and any other retreat-sponsored activities


You have the choice of customizing your experience with the following. Options can be reserved at the time of booking.

  • Private Embodiment Coaching sessions with Kendra (special retreat-only rate of £75 per session)
  • Shamanic Journeying (€50) or Pandora’s Star (€75) with Michael
  • Additional nights stay at the Borgo (€40)
  • Room upgrade or downgrade during the 4 nights stay (adjusts retreat rate by €40)

Schedule a call with Kendra to have your questions answered, explore if this is right for you, or reserve your spot.

More about EMBODY

embody dance retreat italy

EMBODY by Nadia(TM) is a dance class and methodology created by Nadia Munla, womxn’s Embodiment Coach (and rule-breaking sensualist). EMBODY dance classes are facilitated around the world by certified EMBODY teachers, guiding womxn to harness their feminine power through movement to music. You can find out more at nadiamunla.com and embodydanceclass.com. I am honored to host the first EMBODY retreat under Nadia’s tutelage and mentorship. Get a flavour of why I love EMBODY and how I teach here.

More about the Abruzzo Borgo

The Abruzzo Borgo is a residential resort and retreat center nestled in the foothills of the Apennines near the Adriatic coast of Italy. I met Founder, Nikki DiGirolamo, 4 year ago when I was escaping a wet Welsh summer and the Borgo was in its early stages of development. The land is magnetic and the surroundings breath-taking. I have been wanting to bring others there since. Now you can join me!

More about Jo Hodson and Including Cake

Jo and I met through mutual contacts 5 years ago and found we have a shared zest for life and love of food. Multi-talented, she hosts her own retreats, caters delicious vegan meals for other retreat facilitators, has a whole-food business, and offers website design services for small businesses. All while living nomadically. Jo = a ball of fun. Meet her here.