Good Reads

Never underestimate the power of a book.

These books have helped me personally and/or informed my work. If I’m not recommending them to clients, I’m gifting them to friends, or talking about them to whoever will listen. They may be life-changing for you too.

What I’m Reading Now

So good I had to read it twice (second time with friends). Lots of nuggets of wisdom to chew on and practices to do for yourself to embody your intuitive wisdom.

Relationships & Masculine/Feminine Dynamics

For when you need the actual words to communicate more effectively from your feminine power.  I found this book via google after an argument where I was accused of nagging. Me, a nag? This book gave me practical ways to express myself that shifted dynamics in our relationship for the better.  (Note: the author also uses the book to promote her coaching network and it’s clear she has a bias towards coaching vs counselling. If you can get past that, there is a lot of great practical advice.)


This was the first ‘personal development’ book I read. The money quiz gives you a clear picture of what your relationship to money looks like; really fun to do with your partner! A great one to start with. Learn to love and value yourself.

She’s to the point and a gives you a bit of a loving kick-up-the-ass. I appreciated the practical journaling exercises to do; especially the one around how your decisions inform your fears! I use that with clients.

I love, love, love Julia Cameron and am so grateful for this piece of work. She nurtures your inner Creative while lovingly setting your inner Provider into motion. A beautiful balance of feminine and masculine coming together creating a prosperous life. Lots of soul-searching and healing.

For when you are ready for the practical ‘how-to’ of wealth creation, starting with paying off debts and building an emergency fund. He offers realistic and achievable goals. If your nervous system has been fried from financial instability, this is a great step-by-step that is NOT too much, too fast, too soon.

When you’re ready to let go and let God in your work and money life. I love the prayers she offers and the much needed inspiration.

Spiritual Growth

This was a game-changer for me. A fresh understanding of fear, Love, God, sin. A mind-bender and heart-opener.

If Christianity hasn’t felt right for awhile, Richard Rohr gives a challengingly fresh perspective on Jesus and Christ. My mom says he sounds New Age. That’s how out of the Christian-box he is. His work and this book has helped me forgive the church and expand my understanding of God.

Understanding Why we do what we Do

I loved this book. My copy’s got underlining and bent pages throughout the whole thing. Super relatable and it’s like she holds a mirror up to your heart in the most funny, relatable, and endearing ways. She offers practical ways to start expressing yourself in a more authentic and connected way.

A little bit heady, but I ate up the diagrams of the habit cycles we’re in and how it links to core cravings and desires.  If you want something to chew on, go for it.

Creative Living

This is a classic and super practical guide to unblock yourself. This is where Morning Pages and Artists Dates come from. If you have a creative project you’ve been sitting on, give yourself this gift. It will open up a life-long practice for you.

I’ve read this twice, and could probably do with a third reading it is that good. Lots of straight-shooting, witty, wisdom about getting over yourself and letting creativity flow through you.