Hi, I’m Kendra.

kendra tannerThat’s me with an octopus on my head because sometimes, a girl’s just gotta have fun.

Fun for me is a night out dancing to a DJ who can give Pete Tong a run for his money, sitting under a tree and pouring words onto paper, hanging  out with kids and adults that bring out my inner child, camping and sleeping under the stars.

Fun for me is also seeing people come alive.

Eyes Lit. Body turned On. Volume turned Up.

Watching the transformation that happens from not even considering putting random photos that your college bestie took of you on-line, to thinking, ‘Hey, that’s me, what the hell.’

The work I do centers around one thing: You being more you.

Connecting to that place inside that feels like home. You may have forgotten what it feels like, or how to get there. That’s OK. I get lost too.

It’s a journey (can be a fun one). You’ll get there.

This virtual home of mine that you’re visiting is a collection of writings and ways I’d love to help you find your way back to your Self. Because that’s another version of fun for me.

The ways I’m currently doing me: Coaching, Writing, Embody Dance Classes, True You Groups.

See you there.

Kendra is an Embodiment Coach and EMBODY Dance Class facilitator committed to helping you have a relationship with your body and Self, that breaks-free from shaming and fear-based messages that keep you playing small.

She creates judgement-free spaces; weaving mindset tools, somatic experiences, and spiritual practices to facilitate connection with your true self. She has overcome challenges with both her body and business; realizing the importance of loving and trusting yourself as you navigate life.

She has shared her story at TEDx-Swansea and in her self-study guide, Your True You Journey. A New Yorker living in Wales, she is learning to Slow. Right. Down.