I’m Kendra. This is a totally self-serving page about me. It was really fun for me to write and could be fun for your to do something similar. How is your favourite physical space an expression of you?

It’s taken me many attempts to have a spot in my house that feels like a haven. Some call it a she-shed. So don’t worry if you look at your surroundings and think, ‘Ah! This is not how I want things to be!’

As I’ve evolved, so have my surroundings. The more I’ve found me, the more my space reflects me. It might be the same for you! Let me know if so.

This is what I gaze at when staring off into space, waiting for words to come. You’re looking at:

Two mystical/divine feminine/abstract prints my sister gave me years ago, before I was exploring a slightly more woo-woo version of life. I was kind of like, “Oh cool, but they don’t say anything to me.” Now I look at them and they intrigue me. #supergrateful she could see into the future.

A bare wall and boring carpet/wall paint combo because we’re renting and not supposed to put extra nail holes in the wall or add our own flair.

A scar on the wall from when this room was our walk-in closet and I had one of those big exercise balls stacked up against the wall that got stuck to the paint. Oops.

About ⅓ of my doTerra oils collection. (Yes, you can ask me how to grow yours and save moolah.)

New journals, old journals, a stationery box… write much?

A selection of books that I categorize as my ‘mental health/eating disorder section’. I just realized it’s also the starting point for a Masters and PhD combo that is slowly starting to grown on me. Hmmm….

A couple of Bibles that I attempt to pick up about every 3-4 months and still haven’t quite wrapped my heart around.

My Embody teacher certificate! And a pile of CDs that are waiting to be transferred onto iTunes.

My trusty yoga mat and blocks (this is also my yoga room.)

Some gorgeous silk pink Laura Ashley cushions I found in a second hand shop. #love

My writing/yoga room is also my music room.

This is the keyboard my hubby bought me for my birthday. We had been together 14 months and I might have mentioned I played the piano like once, in passing, when we were drunk. He clocked it and got me this. I knew I’d say yes after that.

The plant is also a gift from my hubby so that I have enough oxygen in my room. #alwaysthinking

Pet peeve = those wires hanging about. I don’t like uncontrollable chaos!

And that is my doTerra diffuser that is coming up on 3 years old. I take it everywhere!

Ooh and I made that frame for that picture next to the Philip Glass sheet music. It says, “Life is short, buy the shoes.” #needisaymore

This is where I sit, read, write, and work from.

That stack of books has my go-to self-reflection tools at the moment: Two Anne Wilson Schaef daily meditation books, Julia Cameron’s Prosperous Heart, and Your True You Journey, written by yours truly.

I bought that clock so that I wouldn’t have to rely on my cell phone for time keeping when I’m meeting with clients. #turningbacktime

Those seashells in the right hand corner of the window sill come from my hometown Staten Island. Cities have nature too.

That fabric on the chair arms is material for curtains to replace the ‘meh’ ones that came with the house. They’ve been sitting there for 6 months…

My super talented cousin knit that blanket for our wedding. She is crazy talented and one day she’ll have her kints on etsy (hint hint).

Breakfast = art

I’ve been drinking green smoothies for breakfast for almost 3 years now. They help stabilize my body and my mood for the day. My favourite combo: ½ banana, handful of spinach, 1” of cucumber, 1” of zucchini or celery, chunk of fresh ginger, dash of apple cider vinegar (with the mother, sometimes with turmeric), spoonful of spirulina or chlorella, 1 drop of doTerra Grapefruit essential oil (this brings it from 6/10 to 10/10).

That’s my money journal in the background. It’s taken me 12+ years and 4 meager attempts to actually keep track of my spending again. Julia Cameron, you cracked me.

Every American in Wales needs a colorful tea mug. Thank you Abi!

I’m not a hot drinks person but my husband showers me with exotic Pukka, Yogi, and other herbal teas and I can’t say no. Ever tried Artichoke tea? It’s what you’re looking at and becoming one of my favs.

Those coasters? One of my most delicious purchases from Crate and Barrel from when I still lived in NYC. I was in my 20s and it was one of my first ‘adult’ purchases. The clean lines of the glass, the dark wood holder. So sophisticated and sleek!


That’s pretty much me!

When I’m not writing, I’m dancing, coaching, working on our fish farm, and growing The True You Project.

I’d really like to say I go through life as care-free as this snap suggests. Truth is I usually need a glass of wine and a bestie to add her artistic sticker talents to bring out my playful side. #stillfindingmylittlegirl