What if?

A manifesto-in-the-making for creatives, leaders, healers, artists, rule-breakers, humans leaning into a life of Love out of Bounds.

What if Love is bigger than we let it be?

What if we’ve been trained to hold back and play it safe?

What if Love would like to play outside the box we put it in?

What if our job is just to be brave and let Love play out of bounds?

What if that’s when the magic, the miracles, and (maybe a little mischievous mayhem too) happens?

What if this is the life you’re here to live?

A manifesto-in-the-making

We’re writing this together, one conversation at a time.

Redefining badassery. Rethinking success. Trusting the trustfall. Reclaiming bodies. Specializing in slow.

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