Redefining Success and Failure (And breaking my own rules)

28 days ago I made a commitment to myself that I would write for 40 days straight; the next phase of this cyclical living that I’m experimenting with. The icing on the cake was to publish; have some accountability to the world. Day 28 and I’ve stuck with this for 19 days. That’s 67% ifContinue reading “Redefining Success and Failure (And breaking my own rules)”

Sometimes ‘No’ Feels like Sh*t

A bomb went off in my life recently; all because of one word: No. I’ve avoided saying No for most of my life. I was afraid that it would create conflict, make me look selfish, and I thought the right thing to do was to go along with what the other party wanted. Obedience wasContinue reading “Sometimes ‘No’ Feels like Sh*t”

A Social Media Hiatus

It’s April 1, 2018. Easter Sunday. The first day of my social media hiatus. I just deleted the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and FB Messenger apps from my phone. This is not a joke. You see, I noticed an addiction forming that looks like this: I’m bored. Check facebook. I’m lonely. Check facebook. I don’t know what toContinue reading “A Social Media Hiatus”