An Embody playlist: Vote for Love

It’s election day in my home country and I’m feeling all the feels. So I made an Embody playlist to move to. It’s called Vote for Love. You can find it on Spotify. If you’re feeling unsettled, anxious, hopeless, helpless, and not sure you can handle a particular outcome, try this on. Before you vote,Continue reading “An Embody playlist: Vote for Love”

Sometimes your Yes doesn’t make sense

“Why don’t you move to London?”, said the guy I had been with twice. “What are you afraid of?”, he asked, noticing my hesitation to kiss him as we waited for the night bus. “Do you want to teach Embody?”, when I had never been to a class, didn’t teach movement, and “wasn’t a dancer”.Continue reading “Sometimes your Yes doesn’t make sense”

How your body is the best healing tool you have

If we’ve ever had a conversation about the EMBODY dance class I teach, you may have heard me say something like this… “EMBODY is so awesome because in class you feel what it’s like to be (confident, playful, in your power, feminine, sexy, your authentic self, etc) in your body, which means when you leaveContinue reading “How your body is the best healing tool you have”

How my new year’s day run was a revolutionary act of Fun

“Have more fun.” That’s what came to me as I asked myself what I wanted for 2019. Fun, I can dig that. So as December drew to an end, scouring the internet for fun ways to kick off 2019, a New Year’s Day 5K Fun Run showed up in search results. I considered joining in,Continue reading “How my new year’s day run was a revolutionary act of Fun”

What I forget to remember

Guess what? Next weekend marks the 1 year anniversary of when I taught my first EMBODY class. It was at the in-person weekend for the EMBODY teacher training in my hometown of NYC. I remember feeling ‘all grown up’… returning to my physical home-land not just to visit friends and family per usual, or evenContinue reading “What I forget to remember”

Embody Part 2: Don’t mess with your Warrior Queen

This is the 2nd in a 3-part series exploring the archetypes of the Embody dance class. As a teacher, I felt called to discover how the Sensual Siren, Warrior Queen, and Little Girl lives within me. This one is for the Warrior Queen. In the days leading up to writing this, I kept catching glimpsesContinue reading “Embody Part 2: Don’t mess with your Warrior Queen”