Why you might want to include your body in your business equation

You’re smart, sharp, and you’ve got the goods. You might also feel bored, tired, and stuck in a rut. Thinking your way in to a new product, service, strategy, tactic, or career move to spice things up is an option, sure. And it’s also likely that new great idea will quickly dry up. Why? BecauseContinue reading “Why you might want to include your body in your business equation”

Why stopping to pause and retreat is such a good idea

Because we spend so much time doing Because our focus is always on moving forward and getting ahead When your nervous system is always ‘ON’, there’s no room to digest what is actually happening and feel into your most aligned response. There’s no time to rest and hand over the reins to a wisdom deepContinue reading “Why stopping to pause and retreat is such a good idea”

What’s it like to have a ‘coach on tap’?

Life happens to the best of us, right? You’re working to a deadline, are so close to completing that shitty (but critical!) first draft, and you can feel the self-sabotage start to creep back up because you’re deep cleaning the kitchen and reorganizing your underwear drawer for the 5th time this week. You’re launching yourContinue reading “What’s it like to have a ‘coach on tap’?”

What is somatic coaching really like?

“Somatic coaching is like regular coaching, but has an extra juicy ingredient that makes all the difference. “ That ingredient is your body. Let’s say you come into a session, and you’re feeling nervous about an upcoming event or important meeting coming up. You might want help feeling confident to say what you gotta say.Continue reading “What is somatic coaching really like?”