I am now loving myself in exactly each moment as I am. It’s never a static thing but that just means I’m alive…not weak! I now have the tools for life’s typical little pitfalls, and I’ve saved myself from SO much negative energy and anxiety. I can keep my head above water way more these days and can see the views!

I am loving myself as I am – Vanessa

I felt completely accepted and not judged in anyway, which allowed me to really open up and express things I’d never voiced before. I can now recognise my inner critic voice before she gets out of hand and really whips me! I’m finally trusting my knowledge and intuition in my work.

I’m trusting my intuition – Becky

Kendra is amazing. She always find the words to reassure you and understands your feelings when we cannot put them into words. I now have the resources to check in with my body and feelings. I have all the tools to keep using my voice and pursue my calling.

I have the tools to use my voice – Charlotte