The Cocoon

Embodied. Authentic. Leadership.

You’re Ready. You’re Willing. Let’s Go.

Welcome to the Cocoon. A place to shed the layers and transform into your True Embodied Leader.

Replace Leader with Artist.

Replace Artist with Self…. cuz they’re all kinda the same thing.

Leadership, Art, Life… they all require the guts to step into that murky unknown gap between the Idea and Finished Product.

That space that, if you’re not careful, can suck the life out of you. Pulling you in every direction, disconnecting you from your Self; leaving you wondering why you started down this path in the first place.

Or, it can be the most Connected, Exciting, and Liberating place to be.

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An Adventure, Playroom, and Cocoon through which you…

find your Truest Self,

co-create with the Great Mystery, and

transform into the version of you that is fully Turned On.

A transformation that leaves you…

  • Trusting that quiet voice inside, instead of worrying what others are going to think
  • Breathing spaciously while getting it all done, instead of keeping busy to prove your worth
  • Turning up the full timbre of your voice, instead of holding back and watering down what you have to say
  • Measuring success by how-true-to-yourself-you-are-being in any given moment, instead of by numbers and external circumstances
  • Energizing yourself with laughter and that F-word, Fun, instead of caffeine and a stress-filled adrenaline rush
  • Feeling Radiant, Open, and emanating Love

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How does this transformation happen?


Renew your Mind.

Move your Body.

Free Your Soul.

It happens when your whole being, mind, body, and soul, come into alignment with each other and fill up the piece of the puzzle that has had your name on it all along.

How does the Cocoon do this?

It gives you a combination of…

  • self-reflection
  • movement, and
  • space to create…

with the support from myself and 7 other women desiring more connection to themselves, their bodies, and their purpose.

We come together twice a month for 9 months, from September 2018 through May 2019.

Step 1. Monthly Virtual Gathering: The Soul-search

A time to raise awareness to how you might be holding yourself back, through group coaching and community sharing.

  • You’ll receive a video tutorial ahead of time prompting reflection on that month’s Your True You Journey topic (see below).
  • Virtual circle time is for discussion, asking questions, receiving on-the-spot coaching from me, and supporting each other to move past blocks.

Step 2. The Space Between

Intentional connection with your self and your soul-siblings.

  • You will have copy of Your True You Journey to use of for additional self-reflection in between our gatherings.
  • You will have a peer to pair up with (I encourage meeting up in person!) to help each other ‘troubleshooting’ where you are getting stuck. You’ll identify your Next Right Move for your life, business, or creative project (for you to put into action that month, before our next gathering.)

Step 3. Monthly In-person Gathering: Your Soul’s Dance

Where you integrate your growth and give room for your most authentic self to surface, through movement and creativity.

  • You’ll move through an EMBODY dance class so you connect to your self through your Pleasure, feminine Power, and Play, while integrating Your True You Journey principles in your body.
  • Immediately followed by time to create and ‘work’ on your project from an embodied state.

Step 4. This is where you come in

You’re invited to share your brilliance with us.

You may already know what that thing within you that is dying to come out. Maybe you’re already gifting the world with it. Maybe you’ll discover it in the Cocoon, or all three.

However it unfolds, the Cocoon facilitates you bringing a part of yourself to the table in the spirit of service and a practice of being seen.

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The Flow


  • Month 1: What is it I really want?
    • Desire, Pleasure, and Feeling good
    • Embracing the Full-range
    • Co-creating with your Higher Power

Recognizing the Pitfalls

  • Month 2: Which way am I supposed to do it?
    • Differentiating between Desire and Desired Outcome
    • Navigating the Two: Third Options
    • Noticing how your Control Freak shows up
  • Month 3: I’m not sure I have what it takes.
    • Self-image and Owning your Brilliance
    • The story you tell yourself about ‘Y’ou’ vs ‘Them
    • Limitations and Asking for Help
  • Month 4: What if it Fails?
    • Defining failure. Facing rejection.
    • Adopting an energy of Play and Curiosity
    • Inviting Feedback and Respecting the Process

Embodying Self

  • Month 5: Creating a safe container for You
    • Recognizing where you need a Boundary
    • Knowing what Fuels You
    • Stopping what Drains You
  • Month 6: Crafting your Message
    • Finding your Voice
    • Speaking your Truth with Love
    • Recognizing Truth in your Body
  • Month 7: Showing Up
    • Celebrating your Body and your Creation
    • Letting your Self and Creations be seen and heard
    • Aligned ways of using your Voice

Taking Flight

  • Month 8: Keeping your Ego in Check
    • It’s Not About Me
    • Connecting to a Higher Purpose
    • ‘What can I give?’ vs ‘What can I get?’
  • Month 9: Creating Consistency
    • Identifying Non-negotiables
    • Rituals and Habits
    • Sustainability and Support

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Let’s be Clear

This is not:

  • A business incubator.
  • A 9 step plan to executing your vision.
  • Sales, marketing, or business advice.

I am not:

  • An expert on business or creativity, especially not your business, and not your creative heart-led project.

This is:

  • Facilitation of a greater connection to your self and your Self, so that what you create is aligned with your Soul’s Purpose.
  • A place to brainstorm with, be challenged by, and hold yourself accountable to, like-hearted sisters.
  • An embodiment practice that will nourish your mind, body, and soul beyond 9 months as you continue to evolve.

I am:

  • A woman who has experienced the internal tug-of-war as I have brought forth two businesses and multiple ‘art’ projects.
  • A champion for sustainable, embodied ways of ensuring my and your actions are aligned with who you and I am.
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When Do We Start?

There are 8 places available for the Swansea Cocoon. We start once all 8 women are in place. Applications are being accepted through September 30th. Participation requires commitment to the full 9 months; month by month basis is not an option.

Not in Swansea and want to participate? Get in touch and let’s get creative.


What’s my Investment?

Time: Anticipate 2 hours for each circle time, plus an additional 1-2 hours of reflection and peer support each month. That’s 5-6 hours each month.

Contribution: As part of your application process we’ll identify how you want to contribute to the Cocoon. Is it sharing your kitchen creations, leading us through a meditation, helping us align our dietary choices with what’s right for our bodies?

You have the freedom and flexibility to test your ideas, cut your teeth, and practice the spirit of service.

Financial: On a case-by-case basis to be discussed during the application process.


How do I Apply?


Submit the form below by Sunday, September 30th, and schedule an hour to discuss your interest through this link.