Trauma-informed Embodiment Coaching

kendra tanner

“What if the window to heal it lay in the place it all started? My body.”

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To my fellow go-getters and high-achievers with a track record to live up to… when the hustle doesn’t feel good anymore, call me, I’ve got you.

What got you here, isn’t going to get you there.

  • Long hours at the office and gym in order to prove your worth
  • A booked schedule that keeps everyone else happy
  • Sleepless nights because the frustration and anxiety has nowhere else to go
  • Dreams collecting dust on the shelf
  • Chocolate and Netflix to deal with the overwhelm
  • A glass of wine to take the edge off

These are ways your nervous system keeps you safe. Except we both know they’re not really working anymore.

At some point you make peace

Peace with your body. It can be a trusted guide, not something to fix.

Peace with the pace. Things might move slower than usual, but it feels oh so good.

Peace with ‘less is more’. You matter, even if you’re not trending.

Peace with your gifts. Your creative heart is more valuable than you think.

As you make peace with your body and your life, you challenge the formula for success that keeps you stressed out, burned out, striving for your worth, and feeling like you’re never enough.

Even if ‘everybody’s doing it’, I hold a different vision for your life.

Picture this…

Since you’re smart & sassy

  • You know your coping mechanisms have reached their shelf life and you’ve stepped off the hamster wheel
  • You value you yourself and stand by your Yes and No
  • You say it like it is, in a way that invites others in

And because you’re wild & wise

  • You trust the instincts of your animal body
  • Your highest high is the adventure of Life
  • Your favorite groove is the balance of action AND rest

Which makes room for the funny & funky

  • The big vision, even if it’s a little ‘out there’
  • Wear your flair, even if it ruffles some feathers
  • Dance like nobody’s watching, and shake things up doing it

The nuts and bolts


Trauma-informed embodiment coaching helps you step out of fight, flight, and freeze coping mechanisms as you heal your relationship with your body, stay present to your heart, and listen to the wisdom from within.

You learn to listen to your body’s ‘language’, process emotions in a healthy way, and collect a basket of resources that make life’s challenges feel a lot more doable.

From here you take the steps that create a sustainable future for your life and business.


I work with clients via Zoom. In-person one-on-one retreats in Wales are an option and can be incorporated into a longer-term coaching program (Covid regs allowing).


Applications are open for December enrollment.


Coaching programs typically range from 2 – 6 months. The number of sessions, frequency, and combination of on-line and in-person is scoped out and agreed to during your Application. This includes an Exploratory Call and a review of a written proposal for your bespoke coaching program.

I keep my eye out for coherence and consent in both of us. At any time during the Application you can decide this isn’t for you.

The content of your coaching program is highly customized to your wants, needs, and desires. It can include:

  • On-line sessions
  • In-person retreats
  • Somatic-based trauma resolution
  • Embody dance
  • Guided movement and embodiment practices
  • Playlists for your own movement practice

How much?

The actual financial investment is tailored to your coaching program. Anticipate a range of £1,250 to £5,000.

Why Now?

2020 taught us that nothing is certain, and there’s still a lot of work to do in bridging the gap between us and our bodies, nature, and each other. It’s time to pave the way for a future with less frenzy in our systems and fueled with more Flow.

This is for you if

  • You have hope for a more compassionate, collaborative, peaceful world
  • You want to nurture the more creative, soulful, mystical part of you
  • You are ready to heal some old patterns with your body and possibly food
  • You want to get your song and dance back
  • You’ve invested in some kind of therapy or coaching before
  • The investment doesn’t create financial crisis
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