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Your True You Journey: Come back home to You

I stumbled upon Your True You Journey as I was reflecting on my eating disorder recovery. The journey was working me as my path of recovery, and I didn’t even know it at the time.

To sum it up: More authentic choices = Less stress = Less need to binge and purge = I like myself more = More authentic choices

Or simply put: More Me = Less Disorder

My experience pointed me to timeless Truths, and as I put pen to paper, and began sharing what I found with clients and friends, I realized that these Truths stretch way beyond eating disorder recovery. They act as keys to unlock us from our current state of being into a fuller, free-er life.

Which, by the way, is a ever-continuing process.

Since writing the book and running numerous group programs, these Truths and the journey continue to work me.

They helped ground me throughout one of the hardest times of my life facing career and financial uncertainty. They’re my go-to when I have to make tricky business decisions, and they navigates me towards more connected and authentic relationships… with others, food, money, myself and God.

It can do the same for you, because in all those situations… eating disorder to business to God… there’s only one common denominator: YOU.

Facilitating groups does not make me a master at True You principles or at life. I’m human and I need practice.

This is a huge part of my practice and I want to share it with you.

How do I know it’s time?

You feel bombarded with messages about how you should live your life and who you need to be in order to fit in, get results, or be successful.

All that noise is exhausting, stressful, and soul-sucking.

You find yourself coping in ways that you know aren’t good for you in the long-run. ie you’re not caring for yourself very well.

You feel like you don’t know who you are any more.

Your body is like a distant relative that you dread seeing and avoid at all costs.

You’re sick and tired of living this way.

You want to find those things that make your heart sing.

You want to laugh along with life, even when it throws you curve balls.

You want to wear your quirks and signature sparkle with pride.

You want to leave a mark that makes a difference.

You know it’s time to get out of your own way.

Make peace with where you came from.

Remember who you are.

Get clear on what you want for the future.

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Changing the Trajectory

You have a choice.

You can keep going down a road that is filled with…

  • Self-doubt and questioning your choices
  • Anxiety and worry about ‘getting it right’
  • Adapting to keep everyone else in your life happy
  • Trying to fix your body, your bank account, your life
  • Never feeling good enough, no matter how hard you try

Or you can pick a different road. One that guides you towards…

  • Trusting the process and the voice inside, even when there’s no guarantee how things will turn out
  • Acceptance of your whole self; yes, including your body, including your flaws (because we all have them)
  • Courage to make the choices most aligned with you
  • Self-worth and inner peace that is not based on external circumstances
  • Confidence in who you are and your abilities (because you’re pretty awesome)

Your True You Journey signposts you to that second path, so you can always find your way back home.


The Signposts

Part 1: Raising Awareness

Week 1: It’s OK to Want & Desire

  • Understanding your habits and cravings, and stepping off the hamster wheel

Week 2: It’s OK to Let Go

  • Identifying the expectations and all-or-nothing thinking about who you’re supposed to be and finding the 3rd option

Week 3: My Presence is Enough 

  • Getting out of the comparison trap and affirming your true self

Week 4: Love Never Fails

  • Noticing how you react to fear and responding through the lens of Love

Part 2: Reclaiming your Self

Week 5: I am Free to be Me

  • Permission Feel, Need, Want, & Desire and creating healthy boundaries

Week 6: Truth Sets me Free 

  • Reconnecting and expressing what is True for You and the Truth about You

Week 7: My Body is Mine to Celebrate

  • Cultivating practices to care for, tune-in, and listen to your body

Week 8: I am Here to Shine

  • Owning your brilliance and how it can serve others

Part 3: Sustainability

Week 9: I Choose Me

  • Committing to the journey and identifying non-negotiables to sustain you

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Here’s how the group works

  1. You receive a video introducing each week’s Signpost and it’s lessons.
  2. You receive a hardcopy of the self-study guide, Your True You Journey, giving you practical steps to connect each lesson to your life.
  3. We meet in person (9 sessions) to share experiences, receive guidance, and put the lessons into practice


When: Sundays from September 30 – December 9 (skipping October 7 and October 28)

Time: 1-3pm

Location: Urban Zen Yoga & Movement Studio

Want a Sneak Preview?

Watch a mini-series introducing each Signpost on YouTube.

Is this for you?

Your True You Journey has helped dozens of individuals know, love, and trust themselves again.

From those dealing with poor body image and relationship with food challenges, to individuals questioning their marriage and career choices.

While external circumstances may vary, participants find a similarity and strong connection to the desire to ‘be more me’.

Your True You Journey gives you the space to find yourself, while developing loving and supporting relationships with others choosing the same path.

To make the most of the program:

  • Anticipate carving out 4 hours a week for yourself… 2 hours to meet in person for group sessions, and another 2 hours a week for watching each Signpost lesson and personal self-reflection.
  • The latter is an average of 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week. Carving out this time for yourself is a way to start making room in your life for ‘me time’, a critical part of staying true to yourself as you go forward.

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Participation in Your True You Journey is £250. Payment plans and partial scholarships are available upon request.

Early-bird registration is open through September 7th for £195.

Registration closes September 21st.





Get in touch. Leave a message below and we can talk.